Young Valley skateboarder hopes to one day contest in Olympics

November 28, 2017 - skateboarding

PEORIA, AZ – For a initial time in history, skateboarding will be deliberate a competition in a 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and one Valley child is already in training mode for a games in 2024.

For 11-year-old Lazer, skateboarding is life.

Lazer trains 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The training and use is so rigorous, he’s tutored for propagandize to concede for some-more time on a board.

“I started skateboarding when we was 5 years-old,” pronounced Lazer. 

He enjoyed it so most he forsaken out of other sports.

“It only felt perfect, like we favourite it so most some-more than football and soccer,” pronounced Lazer.

The thing is, he’s good and he’s distant from a standard 11 year-old.

He has dual coaches, an agent, a manager, and already a sponsorship from Vans.

He travels a country competing, and winning.

Just about each hour of his day is scheduled, from a time he wakes up, to a time he goes to bed.

“Having a schedule, it’s not too bad when we unequivocally wish to be super good during something,” pronounced Lazer.

Now he’s anticipating to go for a 2024 summer Olympics in Paris.

His relatives are ancillary him. They even built a 91 West Skate Park in Peoria for him to practice.

“If we get disheartened and we can’t do a trick, we only keep trying,” pronounced Lazer. “Just keep going, don’t stop.”

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