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April 14, 2018 - skateboarding

Tokyo 2020

On 4 Aug 1996, skateboard pioneer, character idol and all-round cold male Neal Hendrix took partial in a Closing Ceremony of a Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA. Along with a handful of friends, Hendrix gave a examination billions a ambience of a inventive, dynamic, and physically perfectionist inlet of elite-level skateboarding. He had no idea only where it would lead him.

“At a time, we only suspicion it was a cold event on a large stage, it was only a giggle for us,” Hendrix said. “We set adult ramps off site in Atlanta to rehearse for a few days since we had a whole slight they wanted us to do. we remember it like it was yesterday.

“I never suspicion we would be formulation tangible movement contests in a Olympics for medals. It’s flattering unbelievable.”

As a contestant deputy on a World Skate – Skateboarding Commission, Hendrix has been right during a heart of this unusual journey.


“I have always been partial of top-level skateboarding, personification a lot of opposite roles,” pronounced a male who incited pro in 1991. “It was critical to me that a right people were going to be concerned in a organisation that was going to see skateboarding by to Tokyo.”

Hendrix was there when a International Skateboarding Federation (ISF) was founded in a early 2000s by his long-time crony Gary Ream, now Chairman of a World Skate – Skateboarding Commission. With a ever-increasing lift on immature people and a all-encompassing lifestyle, it was no warn that a mainstream media and a Olympic Movement shortly began to expel an eye towards a sport. Like many good relationships, however, it has not all been plain sailing. Part of skateboarding’s unique interest has always been a counter-culture nature.

“It’s positively been challenging,” Hendrix said. “It is opposite since skateboarding has never left by a inhabitant association structure before. The career arena for a tip skateboarder has always been removing some sponsorship on a pledge side from skateboard brands or shoe brands or an appetite drink, and afterwards when we strech a veteran ranks and we are means to make a living, it’s all been sponsorship deals with private companies.”

The vast expansion in events such as a globally televised X Games, and a implausible recognition of videos featuring a best skaters showcasing their many vast tricks all over a world, helped a competition freshness in all demeanour of ways. On a Olympic side, a many poignant impulse came when skateboarding seemed during a Youth Olympic Games Nanjing 2014 as a showcasing sport. Bringing it to a Summer Games concerned traffic and concede on both sides. First up, a skateboarders had to be convinced.

“In skateboarding, we are not going to get concept agreement on everything,” Hendrix said. “Skateboarders live, sleep, eat and breathe their competition and they are unequivocally protecting about it.

“The categorical thing I’ve pronounced to any detractors is ‘Hey, let’s have this review after Tokyo 2020.’ Now it’s adult to us to broach a good show.”

On a flip side, it has been a box of creation certain a Olympic Games were prepared for skateboarding in all a musty glory.

“We don’t want, and we don’t consider a Olympics want, a totally sanitised chronicle of skateboarding,” Hendrix said. “Like anything, there are going to be compromises, generally on a attire side, and those are a critical discussions and sum we are bustling reckoning out right now. Our categorical idea is to make it still demeanour like a skateboarding that we know and love.


“We wish these guys to be means to wear some cold garments and we wish a movement courses to demeanour unequivocally cold and exceptional.”

So far, so good. Hendrix believes “99 per cent of a tip skaters in a world” will be in Tokyo in 3 years’ time, and that means we can all design some truly fantastic action.

“I wish it to enthuse people all around a universe who competence not have been unprotected to skateboarding before,” he said. “I suppose kids examination TV in South Africa or Malaysia or Papua New Guinea who competence be unprotected to it for a initial time and it competence get them on skateboards, that to me would be goal accomplished.”

The impact Olympic inclusion is already carrying on skateboarding excites Hendrix. From womanlike skaters removing chances they never dreamed of, to European athletes finally receiving inhabitant association (NF) support to contest on a universe stage, a design is deeply encouraging.

And Hendrix is assured a pay-off for a Olympic Movement will be only as fulfilling.

“It brings younger, ardent fans. It is special since of a lifestyle and a enlightenment compared with it,” he said. “There is art and song involved, a skaters are roving play with cold graphics on them.


“Some of a tip skaters now, either it’s Nyjah Huston or Pedro Barros or Tom Schaar, have a lot of fans. It doesn’t matter either we are in Sydney or Tokyo or Shanghai or Rio or LA or Vancouver, skateboarding is so tellurian and these guys have fans all over a world.

“It’s a good event for a Olympics to daub into all that passion.”

As a vert dilettante and some-more than semi-retired, a 44-year-old Hendrix will not be competing with a world’s really best travel and park skaters in Tokyo. But zero will stop him being onsite to watch a unusual movement that will be skateboarding during a Olympic Games 2020.

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