Vans Chima Pro 2 Photos & Interview

February 12, 2018 - skateboarding


Vans was good adequate to fly us out to New York City final week to try out a new Chima Pro 2 and hang with a boys. We had a blast and got a few photos and a small talk for we to check out. Thanks to Kathy, Cierra, and Nieratko for a hospitality! Go to your nearest movement emporium and patrolman a span of these bad boys….they tight!


Quick Interview With Chima Ferguson about his new Vans Chima Pro 2.

Give me a relapse of a new Chima Pro 2.
Yeah, this one has a side ribbon where as my initial shoe didn’t. It’s still a low-profile shoe that’s fundamentally good for your feet. And these will have a Ultra-Cush Lite 3-D insole too. They’re a small firmer though have unequivocally good impact resistance. I’m hyped on them.

You’re station subsequent to KWalks right now, did we wish to get a sidestripe going after saying his shoe since your initial one didn’t have one?
Ha, we take a lot of records from KWalks, though yeah, they fundamentally gave me a pattern for a new shoe and we tweaked some things to my fondness and that’s how we got to my new boots with a sidestripe.

Did we know if we hunt a “best sellers” in a pro movement territory on a Vans site, a tip 6 are all your initial shoe?
I’m unequivocally happy with that. we trust a second shoe will be right in line with that one. So, I’m stoked.

Back to behind series one hits!
Yeah, hopefully, hopefully.

[Turning to KWalks and Tyson Peterson] What do we guys thinks of a Chima Pro 2?
KWalks: That shit is about to go off a hook. If you’re looking for that flick, it’s got it for you.

Tyson: It’s a unequivocally attractive shoe. Right when we put them on, they’re good to skate. The toe is good for flicking. It’s got that mellow toe-cap around a whole thing basically. Just when we demeanour down during it, they demeanour so good.

So, we’re here in NYC for a launch. Are we doing anymore parties or events for a shoe?
Yeah, we’re doing some roving for a launch. We’re going to Seoul, Korea. Then Malaysia after that. And we’ll finish adult in my hometown of Sydney, Australia for another wear exam with a boys.

When does a video partial come out that we’ve been conference about?
Yep, me and my child Tyson over here are going to have tools entrance out Apr 2nd.

Tyson: Wait, when does it come out? How prolonged can we film til?

Chima: You can film substantially adult until Mar 20th. Like if we get a banger, it will go in. But yeah, I’m stoked I’m doing it with Tyson.

KWalks violation in a uninformed span of Chima Pro 2s.


 Da Boys. KWalks, Chima, Tyson Peterson.


 JLay with a signature switch 360 flip over a Chima gap.


 Chima posting up!

The boys were carrying fun.


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