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February 16, 2018 - skateboarding

#TheOriginalSkateboarder is now accessible on iTunes and On Demand. Watch it now!

The repository that documented a “birth of a now” as coined by Dogtown Z-Boys, Skateboarder repository was a strange Bible of skateboarding and a story it prisoner in a pages tell a story of complicated skateboarding’s roots and shabby an whole era of skateboarders. This documentary tells a story of how this repository became THE repository of skateboarders worldwide, because it meant so most to them, and how it left an memorable symbol on them during it’s duration arise and tumble by a early 1980s. From shoeless surfers roving a petrify waves and a immeasurable blacktop of Southern California, to entirely padded sessions during skateparks, Skateboarder unprotected a competition to kids around a world.

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