The GX1000 Squad Is Addicted To Skateboarding in “Adrenaline Junkie”

March 24, 2017 - skateboarding

For years now a GX1000 code of tender travel skateboarding has been dedicated to showcasing some of a best and many consistently dangerous roving around. Led by filmer/skater Ryan Garshell and formed out of, though not singular to, a East and West Coast hubs of New York City and San Francisco, a committed bloc is a illustration of hardcore, four-wheeled purity. There is an undisputed story of no frills, no gimmicks shredding that speaks volumes in 2017’s universe of post-Internet celebrity and trends.

The GX crew’s latest visible assault, “Adrenaline Junkie,” proves to be, nonetheless another instance of their winning formula—incredible roving prisoner on a classical Sony VX 1000, scored to only a sounds of a streets and a board, #nomusic!  

The common suspects, including Brian Delatorre, Al Davis, and Ben Gore, along with homies like Tyler Pacheco, Jamal Gibbs and some-more edging this one to a bone. Viewers can design 13 mins of gnarly tricks on unfit turf along with furious switch mountain bombs, needle threading, interactions with livid or rough locals, and near-death practice with approaching traffic.

Yep, a edit’s name says it all. These dudes are positively dependant to a vulnerable and we conclude them for each death-defying second of it. 

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