Tearful Mom Pleads for Skateboarding Helmet Law

March 5, 2018 - skateboarding

Tears filled Holly Irwin’s eyes and her voice trembled as she told lawmakers Monday how she blames herself for not selling a helmet that could have prevented her son Conor’s skateboarding genocide in 2016.

“I will live in ruin for a rest of my life meaningful all we had to do was to buy that darned helmet,” Irwin pronounced in propelling thoroughfare of a check to need all skateboarders underneath age 18 to wear helmets. “Please make certain this law happens. … Please make certain my Conor didn’t die in vain.”

Democratic and Republican members on a legislature’s Transportation Committee positive Irwin that a new Connecticut skateboarding helmet law will be upheld this year to assistance forestall some-more deaths of immature people.

Connecticut law already requires helmets be ragged by anyone underneath age 16 when roving a bicycle, yet is wordless on a emanate of skateboarding safety. Irwin pronounced she would cite to see helmets compulsory for any skateboarders underneath age 18.