Teaching Activities for: ‘Skateboarders Won’

April 10, 2018 - skateboarding


Coleman Skatepark in Manhattan.

Nathan Bajar for The New York Times

Before reading a article:

Is there a skateboard park in your community? If not, would we like one built nearby where we live?

If so, do we hang out there? What do we like about a park?

Look by a photos in a essay and afterwards answer: How do skateboards move creativity and village to civic environments?

Now, review a article,Skateboarders Won,” and answer a following questions:

1. What did Thomas Barker, a executive executive of a International Association of Skateboard Companies, contend about worldwide movement parks and a Olympics?

2. The essay says skateboarding has altered over a years since “the movement punk of a late 1980s is now a suburban dad.” Why, and how, has it changed?

3. What are some examples from a essay of movement parks that were good designed and of those that are deliberate a “missed opportunity,” and why?

4. What are a sum in a essay about a Instagram criticism @feedback_ts, and since is it a joke, according to a creator?

5. What examples does a essay give of movement parks in other countries?

6. What does Theodore Barrow, a partner curator during a Hudson River Museum, meant when he says, “As movement parks themselves have proliferated, they have turn some-more executive to that thought of performance, both select and athletic.”

Finally, tell us some-more about what we think:

Will purpose-built movement parks grow in recognition even if it means reduction time in a streets, in your view? Why or since not?

A reader criticism from michael said, in part:

As someone who participated in a movement stage of a 80s, we can news that a strech of skateboarding into a culture-at-large has been unbelievable. Notable changes in all from graphics design, a promotion world, fashion, a song industry, film, hipster culture, and over can snippet a approach origin to skateboarding enlightenment of a 80’s.

Do we agree? Where do we see justification of skateboarding’s change around you?

Another reader comment, from B.C.C. from Los Angeles, said, in part, that skateboarding:

… fosters community, resilience, creativity, friendship, collaboration, equity, and a regard for others. The immeasurable infancy of skaters aren’t skating to get abounding or to contest professionally; they’re skating since they adore to skate, and they value a different village of people that intersect around this common interest.

Do we determine with that statement? If so, why? What other things does skateboarding foster, in your view, and why?’

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