Skateboarding Parole Officer

June 12, 2017 - skateboarding

If we are in downtown Omaha, and we see Senior Parole Officer Adam McGraw go by, you’ll do a double-take. He’s fast, he’s got his badge on, and he is on a skateboard.

It takes only one demeanour inside Adam McGraw’s bureau to know-this Senior Parole Officer thinks outward of a box.

McGraw says, “”A side of me we venerate a Rat container in a 1940′s though during a same time put on a small Misfits, maybe some Slayer.”

Part Rat Pack, partial Slayer. That is not all of McGraw’s interests.

“I’m a speed guy. When we was a child we wanted to be Evil Kneival.” he said.

His need for speed has not slowed down during age 43.

“If I’m carrying a severe day, a stressful day…I’ll float around a building a integrate of times.” he said.

That’s right. Badge on, McGraw flies by a streets of Omaha on his skateboard.

“I don’t indispensably do a tricks anymore since being my age, I’m some-more crisp than we used to be.” he said.

As for his board, he tradition built it.

“I”ve had it for about 4 years. A good board, solid, it’s withstood a integrate of good crashes-I can’t contend a same for myself.” he said.

But as a 43-year-old on a skateboard, he admits, he does locate some grief.

“I’ve gotten a integrate of comment-skate punk and things like that (holds adult his badge.”)

McGraw’s need for adrenaline fuels his passion for his job.

“I’ve got a shortcoming to my clients and afterwards I’ve also got a shortcoming to a village to keep them safe. That’s a pursuit that we positively venerate though take it very, really seriously.” he said.

But when he needs a break, he takes it outside.
” If I’m still here, God willing, I’ll still be doing this when I’m 60!” McGraw said.

He truly is ardent about portion as a Senior Parole Officer. He has 12 years on a job. McGraw pronounced one of his proudest moments is when an invalid told him he had been there some-more for him than his possess father had.

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