Skateboarding mom lands kickflip while pulling baby stroller

April 5, 2016 - skateboarding

BRANNENBURG, Germany, Apr 5 (UPI) – A German skateboarder common her passion with her tot son by behaving a skateboard pretence while pulling his stroller.

Maria Oberloher shared video of her behaving a kick-flip while pulling her son’s hiker during a internal skatepark.

“I adore skateboarding, even with my Baby,” she wrote on a chronicle of a video uploaded to YouTube.

Oberloher can be seen building movement on a house before behaving a trick, all with one palm firmly retaining a hoop of a baby’s stroller.

A after video shows a baby boy’s continued seductiveness in his mother’s hobby as he can be seen spinning a circle of her skateboard.

Have fun with my Baby

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