Skateboarding-Groper Suspect Arrested In Orange County

January 26, 2018 - skateboarding

IRVINE, CA — An 18-year-old has been arrested on guess of committing a fibre of passionate battery cases that occurred in new months a City.

“The think in these cases groped women who were out jogging. In one high-profile case, a think pounded a jogger in a Woodbury neighborhood, throwing her to a belligerent and touching her in a passionate demeanour before her screams caused him to flee,” an Irvine Police orator said.

According to IPD, Keenan Al-Sayed Ahmad, 18, is a tyro during Northwood High School.

“He was arrested Friday after committing another passionate battery” a orator said. “On Friday around 2 p.m., Ahmad speckled a jogger on a Jeffrey Open Space Trail. He approached her on his skateboard and grabbed her buttocks. The plant called IPD, and officers responding to a stage were means to locate Ahmad formed on a outline supposing by a victim. The plant afterwards identified Ahmad as a chairman who groped her. Ahmad was arrested and after expelled on bond.”

In December, a Irvine Police Department sought a public’s assistance in identifying a think in dual passionate battery cases that occurred in a Woodbury area. On Dec. 17, a womanlike jogger during Groveland and Townsend was groped by a male roving past her on a skateboard.

The subsequent night, Dec. 18, a lady jogging during Rolling Green and Statuary was shoved to a belligerent by a male who approached her on a skateboard.

“The think shoved her to a belligerent and lonesome her mouth to forestall her from screaming,” IPD said. “Unable to stop her screams, a think got adult and overwhelmed a plant in a passionate demeanour before fleeing. IPD’s review has related Ahmad to these cases, and a Department will find charges including transgression attack with vigilant to dedicate rape and passionate battery.”

The review in this box is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to hit Irvine Police Department Detective Keith Herter during 949-724-7183 or

Irvine Police Department photo

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