Skateboarding Cop: Officer lands new friends notwithstanding unsuccessful kickflip

February 24, 2018 - skateboarding

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A rookie patrolman new to a flog is already creation friends in Ocean Beach.

Officer Jared Yeatman, who has usually been with a San Diego Police Department for 6 months, was prisoner on camera perplexing his best to uncover off for some skateboarders.

In Ocean Beach, Officer Yeatman is famous as Super Trooper since of his mustache and aviators.

Just before he was prisoner on camera, Yeatman approached a organisation of people he suspicion were celebration in a parking lot off Santa Monica and Bacon Street. “I did not see any alcohol, though we saw Nesquick! Yeah, chocolate milk.”

That’s when according to Devin Ponder Officer Yeatman asked if there was anything he could assistance them with.

Ponder’s response: “Yeah, can we flog flip that [skateboard]? Surprise me bro.”

Officer Yeatman, with his military belt and complicated equipment, wobbled a bit. “It was a onslaught removing down in that hunker position. Thankfully we am athletic.”

But a rookie patrolman from Georgia did not land it. “I grew adult roving horses, not skateboards.”

What Officer Yeatman did land, however, was new relationships.

Derek Smith, who prisoner a impulse on camera, pronounced “it needs to get out there that there is only not one kind of cop.”

Smith pronounced he did not wish this military act to go neglected that is because he posted it to amicable media – where it has been common and favourite hundreds of times.

Devin pronounced Officer Yeatman, “helped me easy a faith that we have in military officers in general.”

Officer Yeatman pronounced he is “blessed to be means to wear this uniform and be there for a community.”

Officer Yeatman pronounced before he tries to do another flog flip, he wants to get a skateboard and use so he can land subsequent time.


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