Skateboarding criminialized outward Hillsboro libraries by city’s parks elect – The Oregonian

September 12, 2014 - skateboarding

There’s now another thing we aren’t authorised to do on Hillsboro parkland.

The city’s parks and distraction elect on Tuesday morning upheld a fortitude banning skateboarding outward a Hillsboro Public Library – both a Main and Shute Park branches.

“The City’s Library Department has recently voiced concerns per a use of skateboards outward both a Main and Shute Park Libraries,” reads a parks dialect staff report. “In particular, congregation entering and exiting a entrances of a libraries are during risk of intensity collisions with skateboard riders.”

The news also says skateboards can repairs surrounding surfaces and boost upkeep costs.

The ban, that also relates to drum skates, inline skates and scooters, comes a few months after a elect banned electronic cigarettes in city parks.

The Shute Park bend is on park property, so a libraries requested that a parks elect brazen a fortitude to a City Council.

– Luke Hammill

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