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May 26, 2017 - skateboarding

MAHONING TOWNSHIP — As a propagandize year wraps up, it’s a time of year where students take margin trips.  One of a some-more singular propagandize clubs in a area went on a debate of movement parks in executive Pennsylvania.  The students took a margin outing to 4 area movement parks, including this one nearby Danville.

“It’s usually a neat approach to uncover a students these other movement parks that are out there.  Many of them have pronounced to me they’ve never seen any of these other movement parks,” Van Wagner said.

Van Wagner, or “Wags” as a students call him, is a confidant for a Lewisburg Skate Club.  The bar has around 30 members and is in a initial year.  Wagner wanted to devise a outing for a students, and this was everyone’s favorite idea.

“It’s a cold knowledge to go to a opposite movement parks in a area and see what kids do,” Mateo Bernas said.

“It’s great, I’m unequivocally happy to be here.  I’m blissful Wags invited me on a trip,” Joel Pennington said.

The kids didn’t usually get a giveaway day off from school.  To come on this margin trip, they had to do village service.

“Students had to assistance possibly paint a movement park in a fall, that was a weekend.  They had to give adult a weekend to do that work.  Or they had to assistance with Skatefest a few weeks ago, that was also a weekend.  They had to be partial of a bid for a Lewisburg Area Food Bank,” Wagner said.

“We helped put on a Skatefest, that was during a Lewisburg movement park and we had a good audience for that,” Bernas said.

Wagner tells Newswatch 16 Lewisburg’s Skate Club is a usually school-run movement boarding bar in a state.  Now a center propagandize even has a movement club.  Joel Pennington helped classify that.

“I suspicion there was a good handful of skateboarders in Lewisburg and we should come together and do fun things sometimes,” Pennington said.

As partial of a margin trip, a students went to a parks in Bloomsburg and Sunbury, and finished a day during a park nearby Lewisburg.

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