Skateboarders now get a place to whet skills

March 10, 2018 - skateboarding

Muscat: Skateboarding enthusiasts in Muscat now have a protected place to put their gnarliest of tricks to a test, interjection to a new 1,200sqm movement park in Wadi Al Kabir. Located inside a Muscat Sports Club, a park is a realization of a dream of dual brazen group looking to emanate a entertainment place for members of a flourishing sports village in Oman.

Haitham Al Wahaibi, owners of a movement park, said: “The park has something for everyone. There are opposite forms and heights of entertain pipes and rails. It is purpose-built to fit skateboarders, inliners, and scooter and BMX riders.”

The park, he said, could absolutely accommodate 30-35 skaters and riders during a time. The landmark venue represents a vital step brazen for Oman’s boarders as it finally gives them a permanent place to safely learn, pass on their skills, and put new ideas to a test.

“We had a mini-DIY movement park in Qurum Park, where we skated for dual years though it was unexpected destroyed.

“After that, we changed to a mark nearby a airfield and skated there for a year before it was broken as well,” Al Wahaibi said.

“Then my crony Warren Stopforth suggested that we use a land we possess and spin it into a movement park. we realised that we could lease some land and assign people opening fees in sequence to compensate a rent. We also realised that people would naturally start seeking about a movement shop, so we motionless to build that too. Realising that no one is going to build a movement park if we don’t was a biggest motivator,” he added.

Al Wahaibi’s and Stopforth’s possess skateboarding tour was no reduction engaging and inspiring. Initially desirous by a universe famous Tony Hawk array of

games, Al Wahaibi bought a inexpensive residence that unsuccessful to accommodate his expectations.

“Then one day, we went to my cousin’s residence and found a skateboard underneath his bed. we attempted it and now fell in love. He had a veteran board, distinct a inexpensive one we had bought earlier,” he said.

“Also, we always demeanour for things that give me a rush, either it is roving quad bikes, BMX, inlining, or even precipice diving. Skateboarding gave me a biggest rush of them all, so we stranded with it,” he explained, adding that now there are some 40 skateboarders in Muscat and a series was flourishing on a monthly basis.

“People are removing into it. They see it on amicable media and get motivated. Having a correct movement park creates it even improved for new skaters. Most skaters grew adult skating in a streets where it was vulnerable for both them and a pedestrians. The movement park is a protected sourroundings where relatives can dump off their kids to movement or to learn how. It’s approach easier to learn in a movement park than on a street. If we tumble in a park, we slip though if we tumble in a streets, your skin peels off,” he said.

With some-more and some-more newcomers flocking to a movement park, Al Wahaibi and Stopforth might good be spearheading a new epoch for skateboarding in Oman. Offering a bit of recommendation to impending skaters, Al Wahaibi said: “Start delayed and know your limits. Remember, even a best skater in a universe was a amateur during one point. So, don’t give up.”

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