Shaun White eyes another Olympic award — in skateboarding: ‘I’m not done’

February 17, 2018 - skateboarding

The win comes 4 years after White missed a lectern during a 2014 Sochi Games, a detriment that left him feeling he had “unfinished business.”

The feat also comes only months after a pile-up during a use run in New Zealand left him with 62 stitches in his face.

But his celebratory mood was toned down during a news discussion Wednesday when he was asked about a 2016 passionate nuisance lawsuit he staid with a former drummer of his stone band, Bad Things. (White plays guitar in a band.)

 White wept plainly after clinching bullion in his third and final run. Getty Images

Lena Zawaideh indicted White of promulgation her “explicit and striking images,” forcing her to watch intimately unfortunate videos and creation coarse remarks, according to a lawsuit.

During a news conference, White discharged a emanate as “gossip,” a word choice he told TODAY he regretted.

“I’m truly contemptible that we chose a word ‘gossip.’ It was a bad choice of difference to report such a supportive theme in a universe currently and I’m only truly sorry,” he pronounced on TODAY. “I was so impressed with only wanting to speak about how extraordinary currently was and share my experience.”

 Shaun White, uninformed off his bullion award in a halfpipe, describes what’s subsequent in his jaunty career. TODAY

Asked if he wanted to acknowledge a allegations or either he had schooled from a experience, White pronounced he’s “grown as a chairman over a years.”

“It’s extraordinary how life works and twists and turns and lessons learned,” he said. “Every knowledge in my life, we feel like it’s taught me a lesson, and we really feel like I’m a most some-more altered chairman than we was when we was younger. And I’m unapproachable of who we am today.”

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