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November 26, 2015 - skateboarding

Having filmed a full partial himself, Adam has gifted being both a skater and a lensman, that is a singular occurrence as distant as many filmers go. I’ve never seen someone work harder behind a camera. This child does everything. He’ll lay in a 100-degree embankment in a baking object for hours on end, expostulate a prolonged 12 hour stretch by a night, or even stand adult a 50 feet bridge. Anywhere, anytime. That’s how he rolls. we remember vital with Adam. He was sophistry college, handling a job, and filming for this full-length (Faded). There would be some days he would arise adult early, get out of school, go to work, get off work and immediately squeeze his camera bag and strike a streets. Didn’t even change out of his work uniform. When he sets out to accomplish something, he’s going to succeed. That’s usually how he is. A tough working, accessible male who everybody knows and loves. He’s simply building one of a some-more reputable reputations in Portland. Robo God is a man. Cheers, mate, and congratulations.—Mikey Carpenter

Photo / Stephen Sturgis

Man on a wire. Photo / Stephen Sturges

Why do we cite a VX?
Basically it comes down to an cultured choice. Similar to given we would listen to vinyl contra digital recordings or fire on a film camera instead of a DSLR. It’s about how we wish it to demeanour or feel as a finished product. Yeah, we know that HD has a aloft resolution, it’s a attention standard, can fire during violent support rates, etc. To me, a VX is timeless. It is skateboarding. It’s not perfect, it’s not a best quality, yet it gets a pursuit done. As prolonged as we can see a pretence that is being finished we could caring reduction how many pixels are on a screen. The support distance alone could be a biggest advantage in my eyes. With a 4:3 support distance we can make improved use of a fisheye. You can fill a support and make things demeanour as energetic as probable while still gripping a whole chairman in frame. Call me an aged male yet we adore looking by all a tapes, and carrying them be there forever. I’ve spent so many hours and too many shoeboxes full to count them all. When we can usually click and undo it takes a fun out of it. With that being pronounced we consider a finish product is some-more critical than what we film with. I’ve seen a lot of good videos finished with a VX, I’ve seen usually as many finished HD. There’s a ton of not so good ones as well. we could go for days about it yet it usually comes down to a choice we make given of a demeanour it provides.

How did we arrive during a expel and organisation that’s featured in Faded?
It all usually came naturally. Goomba Slayers has arrange of stranded as a name for a organisation of friends over a past few years. For a many partial all a dudes in a video are a partial of that or we usually hang out with them and go movement on a unchanging basis. The sickest partial to me is that not usually am we filming my friends, I’m filming some of my favorite dudes in skateboarding. Being surrounded by such tender talent in all these dudes is severely so moving and as we see them swell it creates me wish to do a same.

The Goomba Slayers. Photos / ROBO

The Goomba Slayers. Photos / ROBO

Do we have a day job? Or are we filming full time?
For a initial year of Faded we was going full time to PSU and also operative as a manager of a Dollar Tree downtown. That was such a fun and we was creation shit income so we quit as shortly as we got my degree. Went on a few trips, came behind and started creation double a income regulating food. I’d adore to film full time yet we don’t consider anybody is unequivocally employing people to film VX these days.

How did we account this indy project?
For a infancy of a video we usually saved it out of my possess pocket. But towards a finish we got a integrate companies on board. Daniel Evans during Bacon skateboards has been substantially a biggest assistance by a routine though. Since he’s got a few riders in a video he’s thrown down on trips and gas and got me like 60 tapes or something. Shouts out to him, that shit was so helpful. This video would severely not be probable yet him.

What’s a preference behind offering DVDs and putting out a giveaway online video?
I’m a kind of chairman who likes to have a tough copy. Something about a digital download isn’t utterly as delightful to me. The infancy of a tools will be adult on a site yet to get all of them wholly we competence have to dirt off that ol’ DVD player. That being pronounced I’ll still substantially usually make a tiny apportion of them, given it’ll especially usually be online.

Johnny Helgren Smith harsh while Adam gets BGPs. Photo / STURGES

Johnny Helgren Smith harsh while Adam gets BGPs. Photo / STURGES

What’s next? Are we filming anyone else for destiny projects? Are a large companies attack we adult for a staff filmer position?
Right now, I’m usually prepared to dive into whatever comes next. we know a ton of a dudes we film right now have other priorities and we devise on assisting them out how we can. Usually we usually go out and skate, have fun and whatever happens happens. we don’t like forcing things. Unfortunately no staff positions have been offering to me yet I’ll get tiny caring packages here and there. If we wish to give a good word though…

How critical is strain in your videos? How’d we come adult with a strain choices for Faded?
Music is a fortitude of a video in my opinion. If a strain choice is garbage, I’m reduction expected to even finish a video. It can be a one thing that stands out and creates tools some-more fun to watch or not. But for this project, we took equal tools a suggestions of any skater and what we suspicion would work good with their skating. It all worked out in a finish and I’m indeed unequivocally confident with how it came out gripping a comparison arrange of feel in check.

How prolonged did we film for for Faded?
I’ve been filming for Faded given a day after my initial video premiered about dual years ago. Living with both Mikey and Anakin during a time it usually was naturally what we favourite to do everyday. Since afterwards it’s usually solemnly molded into a final product we have now.

Johnny Helgren, backside tailslide. Photo / ROBO

Johnny Helgren, backside tailslide. Photo / ROBO

What filmers change you?
Probably a biggest influences in my book would be a O’shea brothers. A Happy Medium was a initial eccentric skateboard film we ever watched as a child and afterwards from there we was usually hooked. Other than them we get stoked on a garland of opposite dudes. Zach Chamberlin for a approach he’s mashing down hills still removing closer than many people filming normally. Chris Gregson for his follow lines in tranny as good as Grant Yansura, Mike Manzoori, Jon Minor, Beagle, Jackson Casey, and associate Portlandians Tommy B and Andrew Gray. It’s violent vital in a city with so many skateboarding going on in it for how tiny it indeed is, and that gets me some-more hyped than anything.

Your favorite shave in a video we should demeanour out for:
Damn, that one is unequivocally hard. we could usually slight it down to a shave per dude.

Anakin: His initial line where he recreated his Dad’s line for Emerica, This Is Skateboarding (00:16). On a approach out to Lincoln City he brought it adult kind of nervously like we wouldn’t consider it was cool. But we was stoked on it. Once we got there he got out of a automobile and did it initial try before we even got my camera out. Then did it again right after for a footage. It was crazy to see how identical it was compared to a aged footage.

Johnny: The ollie into that embankment in Palm Springs was bone-head (5:48). He was flattering many a debate beam while we were out there so he would usually hurl adult to a mark and be like yeah this is what we wish to do. He attempted it once yet held his house before a H2O during a bottom. But afterwards a subsequent try it got divided from him and we went to save a board. we successfully stopped it from removing soaked yet in a routine we finished adult descending and shifting by some what we can usually wish was embankment water. Shit had me shouting so tough yet he walked adult and did it subsequent try. So value it.

Mikey Carpenter, frontside bluntslide. Photo / STURGES

Mikey Carpenter, frontside bluntslide. Photo / STURGES

Jake: The line where he slappy limb and afterwards noseslide fakies genuine discerning was substantially my favorite usually given it was unequivocally discerning and extemporaneous and he did it unequivocally well. (00:50)

Hans: we consider I’d contend that no approve off a parking retard was ill given it was usually super easy for him and a approach he did it usually gets me stoked each time. (2:08)

Derm: First things first, Derm is a fucking man. Almost all we’ve ever filmed has been such a blast yet a one thing that stands out is that line on a rocks. He did that wallie behind mouth so many times and afterwards he was like, “Yo, we wish to do it in a line with a blunt to fakie given I’ve never finished one.” It was such a artistic approach to movement that mark and we was unequivocally taken aback that it usually took him a handful of times to do it.

Nick: If you’ve ever skated with Nick we know it’s possibly entirely a go or it’s not gonna happen. But when it’s on it’s fucking on. The line during West Linn with a Andrect unequivocally stood out to me (4:38). Specifically that Andrect. The approach he was doing them that day he would flattering many atmosphere out and usually make hit with a coping to pull off of it on a approach down.

Mike: Filming with mike we know a going to be something you’ve substantially never seen before. The switch frontside bigspin focus fakie was unequivocally one of those. He did it a few times yet he kept observant it wasn’t discerning enough. The one we finished adult regulating yet was severely so discerning we didn’t even know it was a one.

Frank: Frank’s pull carve was one of a many heated battles I’ve ever filmed. Multiple days, on mixed hour sessions. It seems like, “Oh we usually gotta take my feet off and pull like we routinely do.” But it’s opposite on a totally straight wall. Especially with ascending landing. After a few roughly creates and palm drags, a damaged house or two, he rolled divided and we mislaid my shit.

Mikey: There’s roughly too many to select from in this part. One that unequivocally stood out to me was a wooden Hubba he five-0’d. It was raining, there was a large ol’ dump on a other side, runner run up, short-ass landing, and during one of a tries he pennyless by one of a play he was alighting on. So many shit I’d have usually pronounced I’d pass on it for. But he knocked it out like a champ. I’ve overtly never seen some-more integrity to get a pretence than when we see that child skate.

Check out all a parts from Faded that we’ve posted and stay tuned for some-more tomorrow! Pick adult a DVD.

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