Police fatally fire purported skateboarding pirate in Ontario – KABC

August 22, 2015 - skateboarding

Ontario military on Thursday fatally shot a teenage skateboarder who they conspicuous attacked a fast-food grill before melancholy to fire people while roving his skateboard.

According to police, a unclear 17-year-old was armed with a .38 size revolver when he attacked a Jack in a Box grill during Archibald Avenue and Riverside Drive, someday before 4 p.m.

Investigators conspicuous a Ontario teen left a plcae with a paper bag full of money, flitting out money to business before fleeing.

The think afterwards rode his skateboard north on Archibald Avenue, indicating his firearm during flitting vehicles and darting into traffic, while yelling that he was armed, military said.

Arriving officers shot a teen, who was treated during a stage and ecstatic to a internal hospital, where he was conspicuous dead.

Detectives conspicuous they after found a self-murder note that a think had left during his residence.

No serve sum were immediately available.

Anyone with information about a occurrence is asked to call 909-395-2715. Information can also be reported anonymously by job WE-TIP during 800-78-CRIME or online during www.wetip.com.

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