Pleased to be here: Chase Christensen starts skateboard brand

April 3, 2018 - skateboarding

Chase Christensen’s room is filled with splendid pinkish skateboards and smiley faces. On his windowsill, there are stacks of finger skateboards, branded by regulating a laser knife from a UNT art building. Mockups of play hang on a wall, with opposite designs, colors and varying face shapes with comical phrases like “thicc necc” scrawled underneath.

Christensen, a striking pattern senior, is a owners of Pleased To Skate, a skateboarding association run out of his possess home.

“The strange thought came from being during a movement park and saying people removing insane during themselves for not alighting a pretence or infrequently not being means to stir a other people there,” Christensen said. “I would be watchful to movement and a man would come adult to me and be putting [himself] down and my response was like, ‘I’m only blissful to be here. This is a many fun thing we get to do all week and I’m not going to let a pretence hurt my one night that we get to skate.’”

But what unequivocally sparked Christensen’s start with a code was a classroom. As a devise in their entrepreneurial class, striking pattern students were asked to emanate their possess business or product final semester. As someone who had been skating given a age of 8, Christensen’s choice to emanate Pleased To Skate, a association that evokes a clarity of fun while skateboarding, finished evident sense. 

Chase Christensen. Photo by Will Baldwin

“If we didn’t do it for fun…did we do it during all?” the tagline reads.

“Really fast after we systematic a initial 5 boards, we satisfied we wanted to do more,” Christensen said. “I satisfied if we could sell them, we could make some-more since they would compensate for themselves. It’s still not a approach to make income or to live off of, though it’s some-more of ‘how can we make some-more of this art?’”

Christensen began offered play to friends and has been augmenting his patron bottom tiny by little. His drive, however, comes from saying his art embedded in peoples’ daily lives.

“To make a square of art and have it live on a mechanism or a house is cool, though to get it printed onto something we can use only blew my mind,” Christensen said. “Because we was not only looking during my art, we was roving it to category and during a skatepark.”

The skateboards themselves are stored in his room, orderly wrapped in cosmetic and labeled by model. Christensen designs and chooses a figure from a catalogue, that is constructed and shipped out from California.

There are now 5 shapes — a Original, a All Terrain, a Niner, a Flatsicle and a Popsicle.

Chase Christensen shows his several accessible rug shapes. Will Baldwin

“With a farrago in a styles, play are changing a lot,” Christensen said. “To foster that, we got many opposite shapes so we could supplement to that farrago and inspire people to get out of their comfort section and try something new.”

Christensen’s tighten friends contend they see a code is an enlivening summary to new skaters as well.

“Skating can be unequivocally judgmental, and we consider Chase is perplexing to make it a some-more welcoming thing,” crony and owners of kb illustration, Kristen Barnhart said. “Anyone would be welcomed or gratified to skateboard and try it out though settlement for doing it.”

Before starting this, Christensen pronounced there was no petrify business devise or marketplace investigate to be means to margin a vast profit. If anything, he was simply drawn to a code since it was a artistic outlet.

“I investigate striking pattern and we never called myself an artist per se, since it’s customarily a trademark for another association though it’s never been unequivocally my character until now,” Christensen said. “It’s a initial thing I’ve finished [where] whatever we wish to do, works.”

Now that he has some-more to uncover and tell, Christensen is doing some-more to showcase his play in his possess ways. He set adult a bigcartel site, posted a brief video of him and friends skating a play around city and started utilizing amicable media most more. All of that are strategy that seem to be working. 

“Right now, it’s a lot of friends,” Christensen said. “But what’s cold about Instagram is that it only connects we to a whole world. Within dual days after [I got] those, we had gotten strike adult by someone from San Francisco and someone in Kansas City and it’s like, ‘how did they even find me?’”

As Pleased To Skate continues to grow, Christensen pronounced there is unequivocally some-more to learn as he goes serve along with a brand.

“Now that we have to conduct things, do inventory, tax, there’s a lot of work that goes into using a business that I’m anticipating out each day,” Christensen said. “It’s all only unequivocally slow-going since we had to use my assets to account this. But it’s solemnly entrance back, as people buy play and we can deposit what we get behind into a company.”

While Pleased To Skate is still tiny and Christensen is constantly in a training process, others in his round are already watching his substantial progress. 

“It’s not changing who he is and is promulgation a summary that he wants to about life in general,” tighten crony and artist Caleb Jacks said. “I consider it’s good since he’s a college child nonetheless he’s finished a lot some-more thing than others have already.”

Look toward a future, Christensen hopes to enhance some-more and eventually sell to other movement shops.

“Skateboarding is unequivocally expressive,” Christensen said. “It’s not a super rival sport, it’s only about what we consider is fun and what we consider is cool. we don’t wish a code to feel super complicated or feel like it defines somebody who’s roving this board, though some-more so to act as a height for them to demonstrate their character and their creativity.”

Featured Image: Chase Christensen flips his skateboard on a street. Will Baldwin

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