Pass~Port, Greeced Up

April 3, 2018 - skateboarding

(Photo above: Josh Pall, boardslide)

The fun of doing a Pass~Port outing to Greece had been removing thrown around in review among a organisation for years. Majority of us grew adult examination Mind Field Bon Apetit, forgetful one day we could do what no other Australian skateboard association had finished and take a day-long moody opposite a creation to see for ourselves what this chronological land of unconstrained marble had to offer.
Photography By Thomas Robinson
Written By George Kousoulis

Jack O’Grady, ollie into bank. (click to enlarge)

We were 10 low in an eight-seater van, threading a narrowest of roads and alleyways around Athens for dual weeks, perplexing unusually tough not to pile-up into parked cars, people and travel dogs.

The choice was Josh “sober and deadly” Pall, Dean “Hermes, God of Knowledge” Palmer, Callum “beers for breakfast” Paul, Geoff “shitbag” Campbell and a mythological Glenn “broken toe, yet zero a integrate pints can’t fix” Wignall. Hungry immature gun upstarts Mike Mieruszynski and Jack O’ Grady were also there. Tom Robinson, Cameron Sparkes and myself had a media dialect lonesome and Trent Evans or as he likes to be famous as on trips, “The Wallet” done adult a sum of 10 on this outing come true.

Dean Palmer, switch flip. (click to enlarge)

Jack had only incited 18. He’s a newest and youngest member of a organisation and this was his initial ever Pass~Port trip. A integrate days before a moody over he asked me, “What’s Athens?” Haha! After checking into a unit he was now good and truly staid in, personification a purpose of Greek Myth “Herbe” and flitting off youthfulness to us all of even yet he still couldn’t tell we where on a map of a universe he indeed was if his life depended on it.

Callum Paul, frontside noseslide. (click to enlarge)

The internal skaters welcomed us with arms far-reaching open. The initial dilemma mark they took us to had boats sailing in a Aegean Sea blustering “Zorba a Greek,” we unequivocally satisfied during this indicate that we had done it. The locals offering us believe and guided us by a crushed up, heavily graffitied petrify jungle that has been by so much, still display scars and post mishap from a Economic Crisis it suffered a few years back. During a predicament riots, protesters would pound marble edges off ledges and walls with hammers to be used as ammo and thrown during military demonstration squads. This worked in a preference as many famous spots now had new, re-furbished, ideally flush marble edges ideal for skating. Syntagma Square piazza now even has steel dilemma coping ledges improved than your favorite skatepark. But it was not a famous movement spots we were truly after.

Finding Skankie’s used condoms during any obvious mark that he had fucked to pieces in a initial integrate days desirous us to take some wrong turns on purpose, adult and down behind streets in a query to find some inexperienced gold. Sparked by Josh’s motivation, this was now a proceed to get a square of this city that can sojourn in a viewers’ minds like a footage of a childhood heroes from so many years ago.

Glenn Wignall, switch crooks. (click to enlarge)

Greece has over 6000 islands. We didn’t have time to go to any of them yet had time aside to strike some famous beaches on a city’s outskirts. However a integrate days before to a attainment an oil tanker boat carrying 2,500 tons of fuel sank off Salamis Island, causing a thick black oil sharp to deposit for miles around a mainland coast. We gathering an hour and a half south to shun a oil zone, to applaud Josh’s birthday and to give a legs a break. While enjoying a cruise on a beach and a well-deserved swim, a few of us beheld black connect stranded to pieces of a skin. We managed to still patrolman a bit of greasy connect good out of a no float zone. We listened rumors that a adjacent nation designed this vessel to penetrate out of jealousy since Greece managed to make a decent volume of income from tourism over summer final year. A nation that is in unconstrained amounts of debt, perplexing all it can to make things improved yet afterwards removing strike with another disaster. We don’t know if this is true, even Dean who knows some-more about Greek story and politics than many locals didn’t know, so we scraped a petrol off a bodies and got behind on a mission.

We encountered a few aged Greek grandma flog outs while skating around yet besides that nobody unequivocally seemed to worry us. It felt that if a ubiquitous open had good association with friends, coffee, and cigarettes while flicking their worry beads all is only fine and they parasite on to live another day. It was good to soak morality like that in and take a small square of that lifestyle behind home to a quick paced difficult cities we live in.

Trent Evans, Ollie. (click to enlarge)

Our diet consisted of iced coffee, souvlaki, souvlaki and souvlaki. Quoted by Callum, “Why aren’t Greeks good during Soccer? Because any dilemma they get they build a bloody souvlaki emporium on it!” This was loyal and deliciously accessible during dual Euros a pop, accessible during anytime of a day/night.

Just like any Pass~Port trip, Geoff bossed around a media organisation while he was removing documented and got squad bashed many nights. But he didn’t have to take out a shit bag. Like many European countries, a plumbing is weak. We are truly sanctified in Oz with absolute toilets that can flush down fundamentally anything that dissolves over time. So of march there was a pursuit of holding out a cosmetic bag in a superfluous bin–next to a toilet with used paper in it–down 5 stories to a dumpster. Geoff motionless a fairest approach to arrange this emanate out was to have a diversion of SKATE over a tangible “shit bag.” It was Jack contra Geoff , neck and neck. Geoff’s hours of flatground training during Melbourne’s Lincoln Square came in accessible as he scraped by and took immature Jack down. He was now obliged for a daily dreaded task. Oh boy, we can tell we that 10 grown organisation with a souvlaki and drink diet fill those toilet bins adult genuine quick!

Geoff Campbell, nollie flip. (click to enlarge)

Towards a finish of a outing we felt utterly staid in and had quietly taken a lot of Greek enlightenment on board. Every one of us accidentally throwing around difference like, “Yasou” (hello/ goodbye), “Efxaristo” (thank you) and of march regulating a many common word in complicated Greek language, “Malaka.” To welcome a enlightenment that small bit more, Trent bought a 12 container of white plates to pound like they do during Greek weddings. We were saving a plates to pound when Jack Ollied into a gnarly high bank (pictured in a article), yet as he landed and somehow rode divided we were all solidified in shock, mute with a jaws forsaken and were overtly too tame to pound a plates on a road. So we waited for a final night for Trent to take moody on his stagger house over a crusty volcano we came opposite on a travel home in a early hours of a morning. The plcae was rough, dim and kind of rough yet everybody was hyped for Trent to get a final shave of a trip. As Trent put it down and rolled divided in a early hours of a morning, a ceramic tear took place as we celebrated, apparently bringing a lot of neglected courtesy to ourselves. Before we knew it we were surrounded by a organisation of rough addict characters mumbling gibberish. So we frantically got a fuck out of there. It was a really uncanny conditions we can’t report yet it was a tighten call. As we collected around to check a footage, we satisfied Sparkes had filmed a Ollie yet a memory cards filled adult only before a image pound and we had positively zero to uncover for it! Maybe a a blessing in disguise? Is plate-smashing during a movement mark frowned on by a Greeks? we don’t feel like they caring about too many of anything to be honest yet who knows? There was positively no going back. we now don’t feel that bad for heckling Cameron bland to record footage and purify his camera cards instead of spending hours downstairs changing outfits (which were personally being rated out of 10 any day by friends behind home). 3/10 being a top score. Haha!

Like many trips, it feels like it all flew by approach too fast. Squeezing in anything and all into dual weeks. For now we have a memories, photos and a video to demeanour behind on proudly. It’s protected to contend we all one day would adore to lapse and try some-more of what this extraordinary unconstrained land has to offer.

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