Pacific Nyj-West, Nike SB Media Summit

December 11, 2017 - skateboarding

I had a autarchic pleasure of being invited adult to Portland, Oregon this week to be a partial of Nike SB’s media limit where Nyjah’s signature shoe was revealed, we previewed a whole 2018 Nike SB line, skated a Nike SB warehouse, and had a horde of other pleasing surprises. Lace your kicks adult parsimonious and get on board.

Words and photos by Blair Alley

You’d be smiling too.

Day one saw us in a Nike SB building, before famous as a Burnside building on Nike’s World Headquarters campus—more on a campus later. We were treated to some tip clips of Nyjah’s arriving video partial filmed by Ty Evans along with some other montages featuring several riders from Nike SB’s team. Nyjah’s new partial will be nuts.

Embargo alert! To sum adult a open line, how does one report such a extended collection of shoes, from several of your favorite skaters and brands when no photos were allowed, and no mentions of product names nor descriptions are authorised possibly (minus Nyj’s shoe)? Well, a best products and innovations in a universe are always closely guarded. You won’t have to wait long, as a initial goodies start dropping in Jan and Nike SB is jam-packed with rad launches all year.

Shoe engineer Aug Benzien walked us by a construction and timeline of a Nyjah shoe. Presto inspired, Free construction, 95-dollar sell pricetag, accessible Mar 1.

Nyjah’s initial Nike SB shoe-deconstructed for a pleasure.

After lunch, we got to outing into a unequivocally possess Nyjah kicks, do a small QA with Nyjah, Kaspar outpost Leirop, and special guest, Mr. Guy Mariano. They talked about a story behind a shoe, and Guy even gushed about his indebtedness of Nyjah and how juiced he is for Nyjah’s new video part. “I told Ty to strike me adult when he goes out with Nyjah. we wanna see this things go down!”

Kaspar, Nyjah, and Guy.

Then we got to shred! Nyjah flattering most put on a demo though even trying. Kaspar was ripping on his home turf. Free Skate Mag‘s Will Harmon (an aged crony of mine) landed his initial 360 flip in 8 months, given he’s still rehabbing a damaged foot! It was a helluva fun session. Okay, time to purify adult during a hotel afterwards find out what warn they had designed for that evening.

Nyjah’s infrequent first-try line in a SB warehouse.

Backside Smith grind.

Nollie heelflip.

After dinner, we took a wander down one of Portland’s old-fashioned streets, hung a left, and subsequent thing we know we walked right into Sandy Bodecker’s “Extravagant Man Cave” residence. The place has that extraordinary play we competence have seen on IG, a basketball hoop, full-blown song studio, art studios, implausible art on a walls (an strange Banksy!), singular Nike artifacts you’d expect, a rooftop garden, and copiousness some-more (I’m certain of it) cold shit we didn’t even see. The second partial of a warn was Nike flew in Grant Taylor, Zion Wright, Ishod Wair, and Stefan Janoski to movement a bowl, fundamentally giving us media heads a private demo. Zion pulled a 540, Grant and Zion went adult and over any other—it was a steer to see. Any time we get a payoff to see GT skate, it’s something special you’ll never forget.

GT and Zion cranking.

Day 2

Original SB shaper and former TWS staffer Kevin Imamura gave us an judicious story doctrine in a Nike SB DNA room. Once again, no photos were allowed, though that room substantially had some-more value in a form of singular Dunks than any other building in a world. They fundamentally had one of each famous/sought-after asperse (and Angus, and E-Cues, FCs, and more) from SB’s 15-year history. The kicks, shoeboxes, and attire on arrangement brought behind good memories—very dope.

From there we went on a debate of a DNA bedrooms for running, basketball, and ACG—and yes, they were as violent as we can imagine. The full story of Nike’s impasse in those sports with a arrangement of a shoes, ads, and some-more info from over a years. Wilson Smith (designed a Nike movement shoe in 1980, he also designed a Air Uptempo) and Rick Shannon (DNA Heritage Director, has worked during Nike for 39 years) were a guides.

After lunch, we got a walking debate of a campus: The Mia Hamm building, a Ronaldo soccer field, a gym and basketball justice inside a Bo Jackson building, too many chronological displays to relate really. It was overwhelming. It unequivocally was like being on some sporting dream college campus—a unequivocally good college campus. We stopped during a Michael Jordan building and saw a aged crony Hunter Muraira who was with SB for over a decade before relocating over to a Jordan Brand.

The lake on Nike’s Campus.

AF1 display.

The residence that MJ built

Then it was behind to a (former) Burnside building for a Summer and Fall ’18 line preview with “Pelle,” another of Nike SB’s shoe designers. No photos or descriptions, though Pelle brought a duffelbag full of glow kicks to uncover us.

We sealed out a two-day run with a outing to a Nike worker store where some of us went on utterly a offered debauch with a inexhaustible bonus we were sanctified with.

How it all started.

What a story lesson! From Nike’s common beginnings as Blue Ribbon Sports with a mythological Steve Prefontaine, from Phil Knight offered waffle trainers out of his trunk, to constantly pulling a bounds in all of a sports, a dual days in Portland were an eye-opening knowledge and a unequivocally fun time with a hospitable and industrious peeps during Nike SB, on residence and off.


Lance’s AJ1s

Broken in and scuffed up. How we like ’em.


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