Ontario military shoot, kill teen skateboarding with a gun

August 21, 2015 - skateboarding

ONTARIO Ontario military shot and killed a 17-year-old Ontario child Thursday after he attacked a restaurant, afterwards skateboarded down Archibald Avenue melancholy passers-by with a handgun before being confronted by officers, authorities said.

The sharpened took place shortly after 3:45 p.m. after military responded to countless 911 calls stating a gun-toting teen was roving a skateboard along Archibald Avenue circuitously Brookside Street, Ontario military Sgt. Jeff Higbee said.

More than half-a-dozen callers reported a teen was indicating a arms during pointless during people and cars while screaming, “I have a gun,” a sergeant said.

When officers confronted a armed teen, he refused to dump a arms and an officer-involved sharpened occurred, Higbee said. Further sum per a resources of a sharpened were not available.

Paramedics took a bleeding think to a sanatorium where he was conspicuous dead, officials said.

The suspect’s weird and haphazard function before to a incident, as good as a self-murder note detected during his home, led investigators to demeanour into a probability a officer-involved sharpened was a “suicide by cop.”

Police schooled that only before to a shooting, a immature male had only attacked a circuitously Jack in a Box grill during Archibald Avenue and Riverside Drive, Higbee said.

He brandished a gun and demanded income from a store, Higbee said. But as a teen fled, he handed over during slightest some of a stolen money to a patron inside a restaurant.

The name of a think was not expelled Thursday night.

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