Olympics-Snowboarding-Champion White eyeing skateboarding during Tokyo 2020

February 14, 2018 - skateboarding

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea, Feb 14 (Reuters) – Within mins of winning a landmark third Olympic bullion award with a overwhelming opening in a snowboard halfpipe final on Wednesday, Shaun White was already looking to a future.

White will be 35 by a time a subsequent Winter Olympics is hold in Beijing in 4 years’ time though a American’s concentration is on a reduction apart goal.

He wants to go to a Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 to contest in skateboarding, that will be creation a Olympic entrance in Japan.

White’s avowal that he could contest with a world’s best skateboarders in Tokyo was not as outlandish as it competence sound during first.

As his snowboarding career was usually holding off, White was also competing as a veteran skateboarder, winning Vert bullion during a 2007 X Games, usually a year after his initial Olympic bullion in a halfpipe.

In doing so, he became a initial male to contest in and win bullion medals during both a summer and winter X Games.

White felt a time has come to turn reacquainted with his skateboard and he will have adequate proclivity to contest and win in Tokyo.

“I am vehement about it, a proclivity will be there, it is something new, reduction gear, new competitors,” White told reporters after a halfpipe final.

”It is like this flesh memory as many of a tricks here are identical to skateboarding, usually a interpretation into a smaller house and not being strapped in.

“I have never indeed taken a whole year to skateboard. In my whole career of winning skateboarding events we would always stop, do a whole winter, and afterwards come behind to skating. So we won’t have to re-learn everything.”

If White wins a skateboarding award in Tokyo, he would turn usually a sixth chairman to win medals during both winter and summer Olympic Games. The many new contestant to do so was American Lauryn Williams, who won medals in sprinting and a bobsleigh.

If White takes a plea of entering skateboarding during Tokyo 2020, he could rest on his long-time crony and coach Tony Hawk for encouragement.

Hawk, widely seen as a biggest skateboarder in story and a colonize behind many of a tricks that skateboarding and snowboarding share, initial met White when he was usually nine-years-old and a span have remained in hit ever since.

White talked effusively about a purpose Hawk has played in his growth as an impassioned sports athlete.

“Tony, appreciate we for being such a good impulse for me and such a good purpose indication for me to demeanour adult to. He told me to come win this thing and afterwards cruise off into a nightfall and never hold a snowboard again,” White said.

“I wish he wishes me fitness since we consider we am going to go on to skateboarding.” (Reporting by Jack Tarrant; modifying by Sudipto Ganguly)

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