Nigeria’s First Multidisciplinary Skateboarding Movement "Go Skate Nigeria" Brings Hope to a Youth

March 6, 2018 - skateboarding

Introducing Nigeria’s really initial multidisciplinary, multimedia skateboarding outlet, Go Skate Nigeria. Founded by 29-year-old idealist Lukman Abdulrahman, GSN represents Nigerian girl culture’s response to a region’s socioeconomic hurdles and sets to steadily execute a artistic passions. To scrupulously bond a open with the brandaward-winning visual strategist and multi-talented artist Temitope Owolabi related adult with Abdulrahman to request the force by his coop and camera lens.

“From my early start in photography adult to my veteran career, my work draws complicated change from a bland practice and interactions with individuals, places, and friends,” Owolabi tells us. “My work also focuses on issues that face people as good as a interconnectedness of people, space and cultures and a impacts they have on a transitory level.” Owolabi also defines a theme of his latest underline as a ”lifestyle magazine, emporium village essentially focused on lenient Nigerian girl by skateboard culture, conform and art.”

In a editorial above, we can check out Temitope Owolabi’s visible hearing — featuring Dimeji Ezekiel apparel — of Go Skate Nigeria below. In a disdainful twin below, we can review by Owolabi’s sell with Lukman Abdulrahman.

T: When was Go Skate Nigeria founded?

L: we started Go Skate Nigeria about 3 years ago. Initially it was named “Curb Skateboarding” and we satisfied it did not have adequate impact during initial so we came adult with a name Go Skate Nigeria given we indispensable it to describe to a bland Nigerian youth. Since, girl stagnation in Nigeria is a dire emanate and we wish immature Nigerians to know that Go Skate Nigeria is a skateboarding village for Nigerians. And instead of impoverished Nigerian girl enchanting themselves in bad vices they should only come out and be a partial of this skateboarding community.

Why is a skateboard enlightenment / transformation so critical to you?

The whole transformation was given each time we came out to transformation we was always alone, like a sole wolf so to speak. And it somewhat concerned me a approach a skateboarding transformation was removing bigger all over a universe and not in Nigeria

Would we contend a skateboarding transformation is viewed in a disastrous light?

Exactly! Even now with brands like WAFFLESNCREAM out there doing their thing they still get a lot of disastrous recoil and things of that inlet in a streets, given it’s like you’re a skater and you’re too happy.

Shout outs to WAFFLESNCREAM man!

Shout outs to WAFFLESNCREAM, scream outs to Motherlan, they’re out there doing their thing and it’s so cold to see skateboarding entrance out in Nigeria.

What would we like to accomplish in a subsequent 3 to 5 years?

To see people skating now, is an fulfilment on a own. But for me privately skateboarding has always been fun and we would use my final dime to like boat in skateboards given even if there were no transformation parks in Nigeria we will find a approach even if a only to send my friends over from abroad to get me play and everything. For me skateboarding is fun and like we pronounced progressing we wish kids from here in Nigeria and all over Africa to have that entrance to something they can be unapproachable of. we feel like everybody needs to know a sorcery and enlightenment of skateboarding given it’s a many different enlightenment there is. With a enlightenment of skateboarding, everybody is their possess and everybody has their possess style, individuality and uniqueness.

Is there anything else we would like to supplement or tell a viewers/readers when it comes to Go Skate Nigeria?

Like we mentioned earlier, Go Skate Nigeria creatively started out as joining skaters in Nigeria. And with anything new, we only start, and given afterwards a association has started elaborating into something incredible. Now it’s like other companies are entrance out and people are seeing and Go Skate Nigeria is apropos like Thrasher or Berrics and everybody is entrance together to move skateboarding to Nigeria. Go Skate Nigeria is apropos something like a Hub for Nigerian skaters and some-more importantly for skaters everywhere. Not to mention, we’re removing beheld by a skateboarding village out in Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia. All these skateboarding communities are all seeing that Nigeria is into skateboarding that is so cold and we feel each area should have a transformation park. Be certain to check us out on Instagram @GOSKATENIGERIA!

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