Next stop Tokyo: Globetrotting teen skateboarders ramp adult a pace

March 5, 2018 - skateboarding

It’s 10am on a Monday and while other teenagers are in propagandize training algebra and Shakespeare, Hayley Wilson and Brad Saunders are skateboarding in a city park.

But there’s no need to call a law-breaker office. Hayley, 16, and Brad, 15, are chosen travel skateboarders who are approaching to sight 3 or 4 hours a day.

On Monday they were practising for a Australian Skateboarding League inhabitant finals that are on this Saturday during Riverslide Skate Park in a Alexandra Gardens.

Ninety tip travel skaters will contest during a tournament, run by a YMCA as partial of Moomba. Hayley won a women’s Open difficulty final year.

Hayley and Brad, who are among a initial to win scholarships with a Victorian Institute of Sport’s new skateboarding program, are on a shortlist for Australia’s initial Olympic group in a competition during Tokyo in 2020.

They make leaping off ledges and skimming palm rails demeanour easy, though there is some toil involved.

Brad attends propagandize during home in Beaufort, west of Ballarat, 4 days a week, and spends a rest of a week vital with a crony in Southbank, going to a VIS gym during Albert Park, and practising, competing and filming footage for sponsors.

Hayley travels 3 hours home to Mansfield on Wednesdays, and goes to propagandize on Thursdays and Fridays.

She comes behind to Melbourne early on Saturday, staying with her brother, where she practises, trains and meets unite commitments.

Both have understanding families. In one year, Hayley’s Mum, Catriona, gathering her to 59 movement parks around Australia.

And Brad’s father, Peter, built a movement park during their skill during Beaufort.

Both teenagers feel propitious to be doing what they love.

Brad loves travelling all over a world, from Paris to Florida and Seattle. Sponsors send them giveaway garments and skateboards.

Brad says determined veteran skateboarders like himself need ‘‘resilience after we fall. Like we get behind adult and try again’’. But it’s critical not to over-think things.

‘‘If we keep carrying fun it will substantially work out. we feel like if we put too most vigour on yourself, it doesn’t turn fun anymore.’’

Yes, there is sacrifice, though fun is a pivotal for Hayley, too.

And now there’s a awaiting of a Olympics.

‘‘It would be a flattering extraordinary experience,’’ says Hayley.

‘‘Hopefully we get a opportunity. To be a initial to go to a Olympics for skateboarding would be flattering cool.’’

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