Mentorship module catches some atmosphere with giveaway skateboarding lessons

January 24, 2018 - skateboarding

When children entered a design for Josh Hurley and Sarah Hurley, it was some-more than a life-changing experience. It led to a origination of Switchlife, a nonprofit with a idea of changing a lives of underserved children.

Josh, a veteran skateboarder, and his wife, Sarah, yield giveaway skateboarding lessons and mentoring to youths around Dallas-Fort Worth, including Haltom City, that recently combined a Switchlife program.

“Our idea is to yield empowerment and event for under-served girl to route their paths, training life skills and impression building by skateboarding lessons,” Josh said.

Switchlife, started in 2016, is a matrimony of passions for Josh and Sarah, both Texas natives. Josh grew adult in north Dallas and Sarah in H-E-B area, especially Hurst. The couple’s blended family includes 5 children, ages 7 to 22.

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Josh, a exile as a teen, enjoyed a successful veteran skateboarding career. But he also struggled with ethanol and piece abuse — until a birth of his son. Josh pronounced he has been purify given 2011. Those battles, however, desirous him to emanate this program.

Sarah, a former encourage mom, owns a private appetite medicine practice, Heartlight Services, that focuses on recovering behavioral and mishap issues in children and families. She also is a published author with a children’s workbook, “Heal Your Feelings,” meant to give children collection to commission and reanimate themselves emotionally.

Switchlife is designed to coach youths on a physical, devout and mental level. According to statistics listed on their website, 23 percent of open propagandize students in a Metroplex will not connoisseur from high school, and as of 2015, there were over 5,000 area children in encourage care.

“We are really vehement about partnering with a Switchlife skateboard mentoring program,” Haltom City Manager Keith Lane said. The module “has a lane record of success in assisting disadvantaged girl in communities,” Lane said.

Julie Orebaugh, Haltom City village projects coordinator, schooled about a module around a Facebook summary and immediately motionless it indispensable to be in her community.

“I suspicion it sounded good and so most fun for a core school-aged kids that come to a rec core after school,” she said. “Mentoring programs are something that a kids need, and it seemed like a good partnership.”

Josh routinely charges around $100 for skateboard lessons. His giveaway classes began in late Nov and are hold from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Tuesdays during a Haltom City Recreation Center.

“They are on a tennis court, given we don’t have a movement park in a city,” Orebaugh said. “A inexhaustible donor donated dual ramps to a program.”

The module includes most some-more than skating, though. Participants use yoga, awareness and exhale work, and attend in a goal-setting curriculum.

“We have 4 categorical components to a program: Prepare, Practice, Process and Persist,” Josh said. “The skateboard is a apparatus we use to attract a kids to a teachings we share.”

So far, about 10 youngsters a week attend in a program. Parks and Recreation executive Chris Pruitt pronounced Switchlife has brought a new appetite to a rec center.

“We are saying kids that routinely haven’t been meddlesome in any of a programs that are now intent and vehement about this new opportunity,” Pruitt said.

Participants do not even have to move their possess skateboard, as all rigging and reserve apparatus is provided.

“We only had a donor supply a kids with their possess play and helmets to keep during home, though,” Josh said.

And knowledge is not required.

“We learn from beginners to some-more gifted skaters, assembly them where they are and assisting them progress,” Josh said.

The module is also open to youths outward Haltom City. Switchlife will supplement classes during a Family Place in Dallas this month.

“The investment they are creation with a kids in Haltom City is impossibly generous,” Orebaugh said. “They are sexually committed to giving behind to these kids, and we are happy to have them here.”

To learn some-more about Switchlife, revisit, or find it on Facebook and Instagram.

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