Meet a eight-year-old lady from Exeter holding a skateboarding universe by storm

January 25, 2018 - skateboarding

An eight-year-old lady from Exeter is already impressing people with her skateboarding skills, and has even seemed in an advert on Cartoon Network.

Roxana Howlett ranked during sixth place during NASS Festival 2017. Having attempted out skateboarding for a initial time during only 6 years old, after examination an Aaron Kyro video on Youtube, she hasn’t stopped since.

“After propagandize any day she runs true by a residence and out a behind doorway onto her mini ramp,” pronounced Emma Franklin, Roxana’s mum. “She skates each day but fail! I’m not certain where she gets her talent from as nothing of a family skate. It’s quite driven by her adore for skating.”

This small expert has already fake clever ties in a industry, including her unite Enuff skateboards and skateboard temperament supplier; SMB bearings. This association provides high speed, low torque movement temperament with well-developed roundness for veteran and rival skateboarders — ideal for Roxana’s skateboard.

It’s been an implausible 12 months for Roxana. Some pivotal highlights enclosed holding home initial place in Buckland Jam, fixation initial during a Exminster Skate Jam in her age difficulty and clinching sixth place during Nass Women’s Park Finals.

Between a flips and spins in 2017, Roxana also found a time to seem in an advert for Cartoon Network, take partial in a women’s movement film Scratch a Surface and picked adult an contestant government agreement represented by Lucy Adams.

Roxana Howlett

Roxana Howlett

This uber-cool lady is holding it all in her stride. When she wasn’t during school, finishing her task or skateboarding, we managed to locate Roxana for a few minutes:

“Nass was good fun as we got to movement with so many good skaters. The devise for 2018 is to learn some-more tricks, movement new places and enter some opposite competitions. The final pretence we learnt was how to backside blunt, so I’m prepared to learn subsequent pretence on my list; heel flips.”

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