Meet Lena Salmi, a lady who took adult skateboarding during 61

March 12, 2018 - skateboarding

Most people take adult low impact sports like swimming or cycling as they age. Not Lena Salmi, a 64-year-old lady from Finland who started skateboarding during 61.

Not fearful to take a spill, a Helsinki local began longboarding during a age of 57, according to Hypebae. At first, it was some-more a matter of logic. She used to cycle to a Olympic Swimming Stadium, though suspicion her bike would be stolen while she was inside training. Instead, she took adult longboarding so she could store a house in her locker.

Once Salmi got a hang of longboarding, she got a eagerness to learn how to skateboard and conduct to a skatepark.


“When we start during 61, we commend that you’re not in a precipitate anymore – we have your whole life in front of you,” she told Hypebae. “And as an aged amateur in skateparks, people take we into caring and give we some space, that we indeed don’t want!

She doesn’t wish that since she considers skateboarding a large partial of her amicable life. In fact, she’s a Facebook director for a organisation called “Very Old Skateboarders,” that has some-more than 2,000 members.

“There’s no contrition within this group. we competence ask some foolish questions and nothing of a organisation members will giggle during me,” she said. “Talking in this organisation with others with a same hobby usually gives me a bravery to continue.”

The organisation outline reads, “This organisation is for ‘older than normal’ skaters, people who competence have been told “you’re too aged to be doing that” though don’t care. If this sounds informed and we like skateboarding or longboarding – any character or discipline, any ability turn – afterwards this organisation is for you.”

Members ask questions, give recommendation and arrange meetups via a world.

“I’m new in this organisation and blissful to be here! I’m 65, used to skateboard in college, and am shortly to get a longboard. Any recommendations will be welcome. How prolonged a house should we get?” one member posted.

Within a hour, mixed people chimed in.

Who says skateboarding is usually for teens?

As for Salmi, she’ll continue cruising a streets and skateparks. After all, she’s got her whole life in front of her.

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