Man charged in skateboarding hit-and-run

March 8, 2018 - skateboarding

(KUTV) — The masculine indicted of pushing into a skateboarder in a hit-and-run has been charged with withdrawal a stage of an collision and pushing though a permit on Feb. 4.

Roberto Joaquin Gutierrez, aka Roberto Valenzuela Ortega, was found when a victim, Andrew Bryson, saw a automobile that strike him parked in front of his possess house, according to charging documents.

On a morning of Feb. 4, a masculine identified as Andrew Bryson was roving his skateboard northbound on 500 East, Harvard Avenue in Salt Lake County, justice papers state.

Bryson was struck from behind by a vehicle, justice papers state. As a result, Bryson flipped over a tip of a automobile and afterwards strike a ground.

When he looked up, justice papers state he witnessed a automobile rush a stage going northbound. The motorist did not stop to assistance Bryson.

Court papers state that according to Bryson, a automobile is a pearl white sedan.

The hit-and-run plant was taken to a University of Utah Hospital in vicious condition, and as a outcome of a pile-up he postulated a series of injuries, including a vast open wound on a behind of his head, justice papers state.

Bryson also suffered open tibia and fibula fractures, dual burst lumbar vertebrae and scrapes to his left elbow, justice papers state.

Court papers state that a square of white cosmetic was found during a stage of a crash, and that on Feb. 26, a declare reported a parked automobile relating a outline of a suspect’s automobile with manifest fender damage.

Officers came to a automobile and compared a cosmetic bit they had from a strange stage with a shop-worn front fender of a Ford Fusion that a declare reported, justice papers state. This bit matched a shop-worn fender of a vehicle.

Another declare told military that they witnessed a motorist enter a circuitously business though not exit a building, justice papers state. So military spoke with a business and an worker who pronounced that it was his white Ford Fusion outside.

Court papers state that a worker identified himself as Roberto Joaquin Gutierrez. Gutierrez told a officers that he bought a automobile in Dec and was a usually user.

Gutierrez’s employer supposing military with time gripping records, that showed that he arrived during work during 7:17 a.m. on a day of a crash, justice papers state.

The think certified to officers, post-Miranda, that he did not have a driver’s license, that a annals check confirmed, justice papers state.

Gutierrez faces a assign of disaster to stop during a critical damage accident, that is a third grade felony. He also is charged with an infringement for pushing though a current licence. His bail is set to $50,000.

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