Malang’s skateparks boost skateboarding, prestige

March 28, 2016 - skateboarding

As an achieved athlete, Ozias Widijanto Irawan is not usually a nation’s best skater but, not nonetheless 30, he has also instituted a construction of skateparks for open use in Malang, East Java.

Ozi says he usually wants to foster this foe so that skateboarders can denote their existence in Malang and perform as their peers do in vital cities in Indonesia.

He pronounced a miss of support from a city supervision for a foe had stirred him to spearhead a skatepark development.

“Instead of operative alone, we was corroborated by a skateboarder village in Malang in this effort,” he recalled.

Ozi’s onslaught for a skatepark construction took over a decade. In 2005, for instance, he and village members skateboarded around a city’s categorical roads on Jun 21 to commemorate World Go Skateboarding Day.

Pick one: Various skateboards for sale in Combine Skate Shop.

“We weren’t usually reveling or unfortunate other highway users, nonetheless we wished to uncover a city supervision that we indispensable some place to use and practice,” he said.

Previously, he attempted to contention a offer for a skatepark trickery before carrying out a action.

Ozi was runner-up in a inhabitant skateboard foe in 2006. In a same year, he won a Best Skater of The Year pretension in Bali, and was after ranked 20th among hundreds of contestants worldwide.

The connoisseur of a Malang State University, majoring in communication design, described skateboarding as a really certain hobby to say sportsmanship and keep youths divided from a bad influences of wine and drugs.

“It’s since a foe requires high stamina and primary earthy condition,” Ozi, who started his movement emporium business in 2011, said.

Ozi’s heated negotiations with a city’s girl and sports group on a skatepark trickery were deadlocked. He pronounced a group officials deserted a thought since they did not see a prerequisite for building special comforts for skateboarders. They also cited a miss of funding.

Going viral: Ozias Widijanto Irawan displays skateboards in his shop. He has named his products Disease, anticipating that a foe will turn foul like a disease.

He did not give up, though. He incited to a city’s parks and sanitation group (DKP) to find another chance, after training that by a finish of 2014, some city parks were being revitalized underneath a corporate amicable shortcoming (CSR) programs of several companies.

“It was a good event to act,” he said.

Ozi used a opposite plan this time, regulating his business credentials as a owners of Combine Skate Shop in a negotiations. After assembly with a DKP officials several times, he finally got a immature light, with a city supervision eventually commendatory a growth of an outside skatepark in a city center, located in Malang’s city square.

“The authorized distance was 29 by 6 meters,” he said.

Another outside skatepark was also built underneath a CSR module in a newly non-stop city park in Mojolangu, Lowokwaru district, Malang. Ozi pronounced this skatepark was shorter than a city block facility, usually 23 by 10 meters, nonetheless a incomparable open space offering a intensity for serve expansion.

Both skateparks were finished in Nov 2015. Today, skateboarders can use a open comforts giveaway of charge.

The CSR supports for a dual skateparks reportedly amounted to Rp100 million (US$7,530). The DKP is obliged for a daily maintenance, nonetheless any repairs requiring correct work will be taken caring of by Ozi’s movement store.

Ozi began holding skateboarding severely when he was 14 years old. He started his movement try after anticipating it formidable to get skateboards that matched a needs of veteran boarders in Malang. “I used to have my friends squeeze them in Surabaya [East Java] or Jakarta,” he said.

He non-stop a emporium in 2011 to support to a needs of a flourishing skateboarder community, so they could simply get entrance to skateboards and several gangling tools like decks, wheels, bearings, trucks and nuts and bolts.

He initial schooled to buy indiscriminate equipment from Surabaya and Bali by visiting a cities himself. Today, his emporium enjoys a monthly turnover of Rp 30-50 million.

Ozi hopes a skateparks can give birth to gifted athletes who can take a foe into a limelight and eventually attract supervision courtesy and skateboarding companies’ sponsorship.

Higher: Young people in Malang use a skatepark trickery to file their skateboarding skills.

In action: A tiny child practices skateboarding in a Town Square in Malang

In his observation, a skateparks have had a substantial impact on skateboarders and a city. The athletes can now use and try different tricks and styles to fit their needs. Malang has also turn a some-more appealing city to outsiders, interjection to a internet.

“Recording skateboarders’ activities while training and uploading their videos on YouTube and other amicable media has stirred skaters from other cities and even from Malaysia to revisit a city and try out a skateparks,” Ozi said.

Muhammad Syahroni, 25, a proprietor of Mojokerto, East Java, praised a skateparks after perplexing them out with his peers on weekends, observant a designs of a comforts were gentle and in correspondence with standards, so enabling many variations on movements.

“Such arenas are still lacking in a city as we usually have a turn track,” he said.

Ozi hopes a Mojolangu skatepark can be grown into an impassioned skatepark, that will be some-more endless and will attract a lot some-more skateboarders to sight in a facility.

“One tough pursuit is nonetheless to be carried out, that is to beget successors who will comprehend my aspirations, say a existent arenas and continue to dedicate themselves to a city by skateboarding,” he said.

— Photos by Nedi Putra AW

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