Kyle Matthew Hamilton From ‘SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical’

January 8, 2018 - skateboarding

Kyle Matthew Hamilton outward of a Palace Theatre. (Photo: Jim Goodrich)

Theater Buff earnings as Broadway Blog editor Matthew Wexler seeks out some of Broadway’s sexiest performers. We’re flipping over Kyle Matthew Hamilton, a skateboarding pro who brings his high-octane athleticism to a new Broadway production, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical.

Kyle Matthew Hamilton

Kyle Matthew Hamilton

Kyle Matthew Hamilton

Los Angeles is my adopted home, yet we was lifted in southern Indiana, opposite a Ohio River from Louisville.

When did we initial learn to skateboard?
I got my initial skateboard when we was 5 years aged from my cousin Joey, that was a 1970s yellow Free Former cosmetic banana board. we rolled around a drive and a internal roads, yet there was no transformation enlightenment that shabby me where we grew up.

For several years afterward, we would go by several inexpensive Wal-Mart bought play and simply journey on them, meditative we was prohibited stuff. But we didn’t unequivocally ‘learn’ until a Tony Hawk video games came out in a late 90s as we was apropos a teenager. The games introduced genuine live videos and enclosed one of a inclusive skater named Rodney Mullen. Known for inventing each prosaic belligerent travel pretence that skaters perform today, his character and pretence repertoire struck me like a shaft of lightning. we couldn’t take my eyes off a acrobatic freestyle tricks that he was performing.

Suddenly, we was outward practicing skating and training his element 4 to 5 hours each day after school. we would press a play/pause symbol on a VCR unequivocally quick so we could watch his tricks on a VHS transformation video in delayed motion, investigate their execution, and afterwards go out to work on them. Everything went out a window and that was it, we was addicted. we lived and breathed skateboarding from that time on.

'SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical' (Photo: Joan Marcus around The Broadway Blog.)

‘SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical’ (Photo: Joan Marcus around The Broadway Blog.)

What was your try-out slight like for SpongeBob SquarePants?
I was a pro skateboarder and had formerly worked on a Chicago prolongation as a skateboarding consultant behind in 2016 and had an extraordinary time building relations with everyone. When a Broadway run was announced final summer and they invited me to audition, we went in prepared, confident, and prepared to play. we also had been holding singing, dancing, and behaving classes a whole past year as we sensed a artistic group had seductiveness in me from a work attribute in Chicago.

I brought my guitar and skateboard into a try-out and skated around while melting my face off on my guitar with some stone tunes, from Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ to The Darkness strike ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love.’ we also achieved a few scenes and sang some additional song (sans guitar/skateboard). The transformation callback was some-more harrowing as I’m not a dancer even yet we had been religiously holding dance classes.

I intentionally woke adult at 5 a.m. the subsequent day and took dual daub classes before a transformation call to secure my confidence. That apportionment of a callback went good yet after that was a transformation call, that we was many shaken about since we had recently harmed my wrist, so preventing me from executing my obvious handstand tricks with purify precision. But we wasn’t about to behind down from my categorical ability so we gulped a few ibuprofen, hid my wrist prop until after we left, slapped some Tiger Balm on my wrist, gritted my teeth, and knocked my skating slight out of a park.

I thankfully got a final callback, that was all from a initial day of auditions so we didn’t highlight about it too much, yet meaningful we got that distant in callbacks was though intimidating. we achieved my element and as shortly as we was done, we raced home, threw my things down, put on my using boots and ran 7 miles in a prohibited and wet 90-degree continue to recover all my restrained energy.

Afterwards, we was invited to attend in a reading seminar of a updated book for Nickelodeon, that was a semi-week prolonged event. It changed impossibly quick and was really unnerving, yet everybody was so honeyed and enlivening that we didn’t consider heavily that this competence be partial of a try-out process. The following week, we was out skating by myself and pulsation my physique perplexing to land a pretence when my representative called and said, “You’re going to Broadway.” we went home, collapsed on a floor, cried for a few minutes, and afterwards went behind out skating.

What are some of a hurdles in skateboarding on a Broadway theatre contra a transformation park or outward locale?
When I’m outward skating New York City‘s civic jungle, there are always a hurdles of rolling by a ever severe cement, not removing strike by a car, alighting a pretence before removing kicked out of a spot, etc. It’s an open operation giveaway for all when skating outside, yet being on a Broadway theatre is only as difficult, if not more.

There is no warm-up time with a onstage ramps, so it’s go time as shortly as those suckers are wheeled out. I’ve never wrecked during a opening yet I’m always discreet of my house not drifting offstage into a assembly or attack a associate expel member. Performing transformation tricks, while holding a guitar, in front of roughly 1,600 people each night on an iconic Broadway theatre can be mentally and physically stressful, yet I’ve grown a clever clarity of comfort by respirating better, guileless a work, and enjoying a process. Skating a Palace Theatre each night is a many extraordinary and rewarding knowledge I’ll always take to heart.


Where are some of your favorite places to skateboard in New York City? I adore skating slight alleys, generally alleys that simulate a grittier time of aged NYC. The Central Park bandshell binds a special place in my heart too, along with all a marble ledges in midtown. Usually, we find a many comfort in prosaic belligerent removed places, such as basketball and tennis courts, where my concentration and appetite can thrive. Additional iconic spots such as a Brooklyn Banks, Union Square steps, and a South Street Seaport ledges are large favorites of mine! Also, if we see a man drifting by Times Square trade while doing a handstand on his skateboard—don’t try and stop him.

Kyle Matthew Hamilton (Photo: Jake Smith around The Broadway Blog.)

Kyle Matthew Hamilton (Photo: Jake Smith around The Broadway Blog.)

If we weren’t a performer, we would be:
Teaching skateboarding.

Places, Intermission or Curtain Call?
Places! Let’s do this (screaming and ripping shirt in half)!

The best post-show cocktail in New York City is at:
Super Power on Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights. One of my all-time favorite places to suffer some tiki juice!

If we could live anywhere else in a universe it would be:
On a farm, with my possess skateboard ramp, in some gorgeous European immature countryside. Completely divided from everybody and everything.

My examination “secret” is:
No drink or soda… unless I’m comforting myself after a bad date.

When I’m looking for a date, zero attracts me some-more than:
Creativity in a girl’s personality, mind, and heart. Also, if she’s down to strike adult Red Lobster for cheddar biscuits it’s a win in my book.

My favorite website to revisit that might not have listened of is: —the best in skateboarding podcasts with overwhelming featured guests, good discussions, tons of transformation humor, and loads of other gnarly antics!

People would be astounded to learn that:
I’m super OCD with cleaning and organization. My whole family was despotic on progressing soundness when it comes to vital habits and that’s burnished off heavily on me. If my bed isn’t done each morning, afterwards my whole day is ruined.

When we was 10, we wanted to be only like:
Marty McFly.

Ten years from now I’d like to be:
A 40-year-old father who skates with his kids each day.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical is personification during a Palace Theatre.

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