Kurtis Colamonico’s Skate Kids Continues to Roll Through Orange County

December 16, 2017 - skateboarding

Kurtis Colamonico spent many of his life training and perfecting new tricks on his skateboard, though after a birth of his son and a finish of his veteran skateboarding career, he knew he indispensable to change into something new.

These days, Colamonico’s time goes essentially to training a details and outs of a laptop he uses to run his community-building business, Skate Kids. Following his lifelong dream of apropos a teacher, a Long Beach local found a approach to compound his passion for assisting children with his world-class skateboarding skills to make a vital while ensuring that a subsequent era of skaters has it easier than he did flourishing up.

What started a few years ago as a one-man operation giving private skateboarding lessons and hosting a occasional movement park stay has fast blossomed into a large understanding via Orange County. While relocating a business from Long Beach, Colamonico landed deals with propagandize districts and cities like Yorba Linda, Anaheim, and Costa Mesa to reason camps and demos for a areas’ children. After carrying to build adult Skate Kids one customer during a time, removing a few bigger agreements has kept Colamonico even busier than he ever was as a pro skateboarder.

“In 3 years, it’s grown like crazy,” Colamonico says. “You always cruise things are going to go faster than they are, though once they start moving, we usually have to put in that work to get there. I’m usually doing what we can for a kids and training new tricks on this computer. It’s like my new skateboard.”

Although a Skate Kids-branded apparatus trailer can be seen all over a county these days, Colamonico’s strange idea was usually to be means to say a pursuit that would concede him to see his possess son as many as possible. Hanging out during a skatepark seemed like a ideal activity for some father-son bonding, and it finished adult giving a entrepreneurial skateboarder usually a proclivity he indispensable to enthuse not usually his possess child, though also everybody else around him.

Kurtis Colamonico's Skate Kids Continues to Roll Through Orange County

“My devise was usually to build a business where we could spend time with my son,” Colamonico says. “I usually have him half of a time, so we knew we didn’t wish to be a 25 percent father and usually spend half of a time we have with him. That’s given me a hint to give my all to all of these kids. Watching these kids grow by skateboarding and building their courage is what we adore a most. Some of these kids come in with no balance, though we evangelise to them that we can do it and so can they, and afterwards we have them rolling and shredding within a week.”

But Colamonico isn’t usually training kids how to dump in and (much later) kickflip, he’s also looking to widespread a certain life messages that he always took divided from a sport. Considering that a bulk of any skateboarder’s career is spent trying, failing, and retrying new tricks in new spots, Skate Kids has turn a renouned apparatus among relatives for training their kids lessons in perseverance, tough work, camaraderie, and gripping a certain opinion as many as it is earthy exercise. For Colamonico — who mostly found retreat during skateparks flourishing adult — training a life lessons that come by skateboarding is usually as suggestive as saying a child finally land their initial trick.

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“A lot of people frowned on skateboarding when we was flourishing up, though skateboarding has helped me in so many ways,” Colamonico says. “I wasn’t ideal — everybody creates mistakes — though skateboarding kept me going a right direction. While some of my friends were creation that full u-turn on life and going a wrong way, we would go skate. You go to a skatepark, and you’re out there giving people high-fives within 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, Mexican, or whatever ethnicity they are, everybody’s out there smiling together.”

Of course, Colamonico is doing as many training as he is teaching. Aside from carrying to make a composition from contestant to coach, he’s also had to figure out a business side of things. Thankfully, a work ethic and attention connectors he done while skateboarding have paid off as Skate Kids has continued to enhance clearly each month with new open contracts, private clients, and some-more offerings for children all over Southern California. Although he hasn’t utterly mastered a art of using a tiny business usually yet, Colamonico isn’t going to be negligence his hurl anytime soon.

“Everything I’ve schooled from skateboarding, I’m putting into this business,” Colamonico says. “I have so many things designed for these kids, though we usually have to work to get there. we know that we will work to get there. It’s been tough, though it’s been fun. I’m still doing what we love, and I’m assisting people get improved while we can.”

To learn some-more about Skate Kids, revisit their website.

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