Jagger Eaton Celebrated a Skateboarding Win with a Caesar Salad

March 7, 2018 - skateboarding

Last fall, as partial of a array about 16-year-old athletes for VICE Sports, we profiled a up-and-coming skateboarder Jagger Eaton. Though he had a fibre of considerable showings in pledge contests and had starred in a Rob Dyrdek–produced Nickelodeon show, Jagger hadn’t expelled any vital video tools or perceived many coverage in a movement media. As shortly as we saw him skating in person, though, we was blown away. Cruising around Encinitas’s Poods movement park, he skated with an palliate and beauty that immediately finished him mount out. Plus, he was a nicest kid. we came divided awaiting large things.

For over dual decades, a Skatepark of Tampa has hold maybe a many prestigious competition in skateboarding. It doesn’t have a purse of a big-money competitions like Street League, though it’s got story and heart. Every year a who’s who of a movement attention heads to Florida for a weekend of parties, stunts (“Door Gap Best Trick,” “Death Race”), and, many importantly, the Tampa Pro. Nearly every winner has spin an idol in a movement world—and many of them were already outrageous before they won. When we saw on Instagram that Jagger was there, we suspicion that he would substantially win it eventually, though we had no thought it would be this year. “Honestly, we didn’t consider it was going to be this year either,” he told me when we called him yesterday to ask about his large win. For one thing, he’s not indeed pro, so he didn’t even know if his registration would be authorized until a few weeks go.

VICE: First off, congratulations. How does it feel?
Jagger Eaton: Thank you, man. I’m stoked. It was a super fun contest. we was only super stoked to competition with a pros.

You’re still listed as an am on a Plan B website. How were we means to enter a pro contest?
I only attempted to register for a contest, and it got approved. we requisitioned my moody a week before a competition and went out there. Plus I’ve grown a small bit, and my voice got a bit deeper. we consider that was small bit of it, and we put out a bit of travel footage.

When we win a competition as prestigious as Tampa Pro, does that arrange of force your residence unite Plan B to spin we pro?
I don’t unequivocally know how it goes. we mean, we adore Plan B, and we adore where they’re at, and if we get to spin pro for a code like Plan B, I’m stoked. That’s a categorical goal. But if not, we adore where I’m at. we adore skateboarding in general. If that’s what we gotta do and I’m not pro yet, that’s what I’m going to do.

So you’re only watchful to figure out what’s next?
I’m only floating [laughs]. I’m only a small fish in a enormous sea floating.

Were we shaken before a contest?
Yeah, we was unequivocally nervous, mostly only since I’m competing with a people we demeanour adult to so much, like Nyjah [Huston] and Kelvin [Hoefler]. As distant as contests go, I’m unequivocally shaken to compete, though altogether I’m only vehement to be means to competition with pros. You’re not indispensably competing opposite anybody; you’re competing with yourself. That’s a best partial of a whole thing: Nobody’s unequivocally there to kick any other. I’m competitive, though it’s only fun.

But carrying a whole skateboard attention in a throng contingency be a lot of pressure.
Exactly. Phelper was examination me right there. That’s intimidating—I demeanour adult to him and what he’s finished for skateboarding. It’s unequivocally intimidating carrying everyone’s eyes on we a whole time, though altogether your skateboarding stands for what we are. To be means to go out there and movement and do your tricks and have fun is what it’s all about.

When, between induction and finishing your final run, did we comprehend that we competence indeed win?
Overall, we should go into each competition meditative you’re going to win. we don’t unequivocally see a indicate in not going into each competition meditative you’re going to win. That’s only how it is in each sport. But, we know, overtly we unequivocally didn’t consider we had a possibility to win. we was so stoked only to even be in that contest. That competition is so legendary, to only be in there and be means to competition with a people we demeanour adult to was only rad. That was a idea of this whole journey, and a fact that we got to do it and came out on tip hasn’t even kicked in yet.


To win a competition like this, we unequivocally have to land everything, though were there any specific tricks that we felt capricious about?
As distant as a finals run, it was that kickflip back-lip, right off a behind 180 nosegrind. That was a one pretence we didn’t do in qualifiers or semi-finals. we waited until finals to do that, and luckily we finished it when we indispensable to.

The list of Tampa Pro winners is filled with some of a biggest skaters ever. What’s it like saying your name alongside those guys?
That’s unequivocally overtly because it hasn’t set in yet. It’s like, Eric Koston and Greg Lutzka winning it 3 times—it’s intimidating. I’m skating this competition where my favorite skaters in a whole universe have skated. It’s flattering gnarly. All we wish to do is only like, stir them and uncover them that we can hang. That’s a categorical goal. The fact that I’m adult there as one of a winners, I’m over grateful and stoked and shamed by a experience. It was only surreal. I’m unequivocally stoked.

How did we celebrate?
I went home and cleared a champagne off me. we harm my heel unequivocally bad in qualifying, so we went home and only iced and wrapped my feet all day [after qualifiers]. we woke up, had a small bit of pain in my heel, though we went and skated. Then [after winning] we went to a pool and got a Caesar salad and a coke. Then we went to a large Red Bull cooking with all a guys. It was a good night. And my father was there too, that was super rad.

So we distinguished winning a many famous competition in skateboarding with a Caesar salad and a Coke.
Not only a Caesar salad. It had duck on it, Hanson. we unequivocally celebrated: dual Cokes, fiery lava chocolate cake, and Caesar salad. Nothing brief of perfect.

Any skeleton for a $20,000 prize?
Well, we mean, after taxes… we consider I’m only going to put it divided and only save it. I’m 17 right now. I’m going to try to get a residence in LA or San Diego when I’m 18. Trying to pierce out there and start my tour as an adult.

You’re skating in this year’s Street League and Vans Park Series tours. we listened those will work as a qualifiers for skateboarding in a 2020 Olympics?
Street League will be a Olympic travel qualifier for 2020, and Vans Park Series will be a park qualifier. They’ll start all a Olympic qualifiers subsequent year.

So we still have a bit of time, though we suppose you’ve got your eye on it?
I mean, yeah, that’d be awesome. It’s not my categorical idea in skateboarding, though if I’m there, because wouldn’t we wish to competition for your country? That’s one of a biggest goals in any sport. That would be awesome.

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