Increasing ‘Exposure’ for women and girls in skateboarding

April 12, 2018 - skateboarding

At 8 years old, Amelia Brodka would “borrow” her brother’s skateboard and started out roving around on her knees. A few years later, she began training how to float it like everybody else, and nonetheless she favourite personification a Tony Hawk video diversion and examination a X Games, it was saying a women’s vert proof (riding on a ramp and transitioning from plane to straight to perform tricks) during a Philadelphia X Games that sparked a skateboarding glow in her.

“Watching Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and Cara-Beth Burnside movement a vert ramp in chairman unexpected done skateboarding feel permitted to me. Seeing them do front and inverts on a outrageous ramp done me feel that it was probable for me to be means to do that one day,” she says. “At that moment, we became totally spooky with skateboarding.”

A few years ago, she was changed to film a documentary about a miss of opportunities and resources for women and girls in skateboarding. “Underexposed: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary” looked during a industry’s proceed to marketing, funding, ancillary and compelling women’s skateboarding, interviewed and filmed womanlike skateboarders, and explored a business side of a competition by hit with a heads of tip skateboarding brands. After a film, she teamed adult with a humanitarian to co-found Exposure Skate, a non-profit that hosts events and provides programming for women and girls in skateboarding and raises income to support victims of domestic violence.

Brodka, 28, lives in Vista with her fiancé Alec Beck, and their cat and dog. She took some time to speak about her adore of skateboarding, her passion for ancillary women and girls in a sport, and her organization’s monthly Skate Rising event, holding place from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday during Encinitas Community Park.