Hirano, White cruise runs during skateboarding bullion in 2020

February 16, 2018 - skateboarding

A day after claiming his second true Winter Olympic halfpipe china medal, teenage snowboarder Ayumu Hirano pronounced Thursday he is deliberation a bid to contest in skateboarding during a 2020 Tokyo Games.

Speaking during a news discussion during a Japanese group bottom in South Korea, Hirano pronounced he hoped to contest on home dirt in dual years when skateboarding creates a Olympic debut.

“If I’m going to start aiming for (Tokyo 2020), we don’t have most time. I’ll need to sight hard,” a 19-year-old said. “I need to classify my thoughts. It’s only a probability during this point.”

Should Hirano go by with a bid, it could set adult another showdown with Shaun White, this time in summer, after a American suggested his possess devise to validate for skateboarding in Tokyo following his halfpipe feat over his Japanese opposition Wednesday.

In a stirring halfpipe final, White, also a mixed X Games skateboarding bullion medalist, constructed one of a rides of his life during Phoenix Snow Park to examine a bullion award divided from Hirano and turn a initial three-time snowboarding champion in Olympic history.

If White throws his shawl into a skateboarding ring, it would be a dream for 2020 organizers and a International Olympic Committee, who are perplexing to hoard a courtesy of youths by a further of civic sports.

With his luminary status, White could also assistance fill a blank of Jamaican competitor Usain Bolt, who had perceived tip billing during a Summer Games given 2008 in Beijing before timid final year.

And White seems like he would be some-more than happy to try to make adult for a detriment of Bolt in Tokyo.

“I was examination this Usain Bolt documentary and he was, like, ‘I’ve got three’ and we suspicion we wanted a third, too,” pronounced White.

“And we wanted to win in this fashion: final run, final man to dump and put it down — and won. I’m only so unapproachable of myself, that we never say.”

Having a final run Wednesday might have distant White and Hirano

Hirano, china medalist during a 2014 Sochi Games, had been sitting in initial place on 95.25 before White scored 97.75 for his peppery final run.

Despite a stellar performance, Hirano lamented carrying emerged second-best from a conflict with one of a sport’s all-time greats and pronounced he would be aiming to win bullion in halfpipe during a 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

“Part of me can honestly accept a result, though another partial is filled with regret. we wish to win 4 years from now,” he said.

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