Group gives divided skateboards, teaches deeper lesson

December 29, 2015 - skateboarding

Ed Womble initial took adult skateboarding as a second-grader, roving on a sidewalks nearby and around his Charlotte home.

Nearly 50 years later, Womble still talks enthusiastically about skateboarding and all a benefits, while also assisting impecunious children in a area.

Womble, who now lives in Mooresville, is a pushing force behind Boards For Bros N.C., that refurbishes aged skateboards and gives them to children in some of Charlotte’s lowest neighborhoods before Christmas.

“Skaters adore this,” a 55-year-old Womble said. “Once they do it one time, once they’re concerned with it one time, it becomes … it’s such an overwhelming feeling when we see a kids’ faces.

“Most skaters aren’t looked during in a certain light. But this is kinda neat, this is skaters doing something good, giving behind to a community.”

Boards For Bros began in 2006, when Womble and dual of his skateboarding buddies, Paul Schmitt and Ryan Clements, were skating during a aged Bro Bowl skatepark in Tampa, Fla.

“All a projects were around there, and kids were always around wanting to use a skateboards,” pronounced Womble, who was inducted into a Florida Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2007. “We thought, ‘why don’t we give them their possess skateboards?’ We got kids to minister their aged skateboards, and done it into a charity.

“We had a best of both worlds. We’re swelling a word of ‘stoke,’ that is what we called skateboarding, and we’re giving a kids something to do. That initial Christmas, we gave divided 45 boards. It was me and Ryan, and we was in a Santa suit, with a garland of kids. When we got behind into a outpost after it was over, we looked during Ryan and pronounced ‘we’ve got to do this again.’ It was only amazing.”

When Womble returned to North Carolina in 2011 to start operative as an comment manager with Nycom Inc., that provides products and services to a scientific, architectural and blurb firms, a thought of Boards For Bros came with him.

“I partnered adult with Shawn Soules, who owns Sinister Skate Co.,” Womble said. “It’s fundamentally a movement emporium in a outpost … and he goes around to movement parks and contests all over.

“We breeze adult with all these aged skateboards and (axle assemblies), and we go nuts.”

Over a march of several weeks in Nov and early December, Womble and a organisation of volunteers, many of them immature skateboarders who have donated their aged boards, recondition and summon a skateboards in Womble’s garage. They reinstate wheels and bearings, and even a spindle assemblies, and mist paint “B4BNC” – a Boards For Bros NC trademark – on any board.

This year, Womble – yes, wearing a Santa fit – and his volunteers strike 5 neighborhoods in a Plaza-Midwood territory and adjacent communities in northeastern Charlotte. By a finish of a day, they will have given divided some-more than 130 skateboards.

“It’s kinda neat when we see a child skating on a house we gave them,” Womble said. “But a payback is a looks on a kids’ faces when we give it to them.

You wish that one day they’ll turn pro skaters, and they’ll be awesome. But we wish them to learn that only since we destroy – we tumble off a house – we get behind on a house and keep perplexing until we figure out how to do it.

“They see a guys doing all these tricks, and afterwards they palm a child a house and contend ‘you can do this, too.’ We wish to learn them a life lesson, to persevere, to get behind adult and keep trying.”

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