Granite From From Love Park Sent To Sweden Skateboarding City …

May 30, 2017 - skateboarding

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A small square of Philadelphia now resides in Sweden.

Several vast slabs of slab from Love Park have been sent to a Swedish city famous for skateboarding.

The city of Malmo has a lot in common with Philadelphia: A former production town, tough strike by a changeable economy. But Malmo saw skateboarding as a resource.

“We’ve schooled that skateboarding is not unpropitious to county life though can indeed be an item in activating spaces,” said Gustav Eden, a city’s skateboarding co-ordinator.

People pierce there to skate, says Eden, and heading sponsors, like Vans, reason vital competitions there. So there was a county clarity of anguish when it listened Love Park was closing.

“The skating universe has mislaid something…,” said Eden.

Eden got in hold with Josh Nims, owner of Franklin’s Skate Fund, custodians of a slab private from Love Park and came to Philadelphia to ask some, that Nims understood.

“Well, of course, it’s dedicated and to share that with another city creation a movement park that used that slab was really appealing to us.

Nims says about half a million pounds of slab was changed from Love Park, so there was copiousness to share. Eden is really hush, hush about how Malmo skeleton to use a slab though says he thinks it will stone a skateboarding world.

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