Fun for all ages during skateboarding competition

February 26, 2018 - skateboarding

It was a day filled with kickflips, fun, and some foe as Swift Current Skateboarding Inc. hold a skateboarding foe during a Lt. Col. Clifton Centre. on Saturday afternoon.

The day saw kids of all ages and all ability levels uncover off their tricks to spectators and judges.

President of Swift Current Skateboarding Inc. Derek Hartley pronounced that he was anxious with how a eventuality went.

“It went unbelievably well,” he said. “I consider everybody was flattering stoked and vehement about all we did. We’ve had certain feedback from a kids and a spectators. I’m blissful we did it, and hopefully, we can do it again this summer.”

Hartley combined that they hoped a few some-more people attended but, overall, says he was happy with a turnout.

Harley pronounced that they wanted to horde a eventuality as a approach to get some-more people concerned in skateboarding within a community.

“We only wanted as many people from a village to come out, either it was skateboarding or being a spectator, we wanted a whole village to suffer this event.”

The eventuality saw kids from as immature as 5 years aged all a approach adult to 22 attend in 3 opposite categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The tip 3 skaters in any difficulty formed on a judge’s measure perceived prizes.

Hartley pronounced that a eventuality wasn’t about a foe though about carrying fun and removing a word out about skateboarding.

“We would like to see everybody who enjoys a foe of skateboarding be means to be concerned in what we’re doing,” he said. “We only wanted to make it a best we could and make it accessible to a community. We are perplexing to do is make skateboarding accessible regardless of ability level. If we have a passion for a sport, we would like to get we involved.”

He combined that maybe a best thing about a eventuality was saying some skaters that had schooled how to movement fromSwift Current Skateboarding Inc. participate.

“We horde Thursday night skateboard night from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday nights and some of those beginners had never stepped feet on a skateboard until they assimilated a bar we have going on, and they were competing in a foe today. They didn’t indispensably place or anything though to get in front of that many people and try to uncover off what they’ve schooled is a flattering large fulfilment for us.”

Results from a skateboard competition:

All of a skaters who placed in a competition

All photos by Tanner Wallace-Scribner

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