Five Things to Know: Langley shooting, Vancouver male gets skateboarding ticket

June 12, 2017 - skateboarding

There was a sharpened in Langley Friday night, a Vancouver male got a $600 sheet given his skateboard can go on a own, and dual criticism marches collided on Granville Street. Here are 5 things we need to know:

Shooting in parking lot of Langley restaurant

A sharpened outward Brown’s Socialhouse in Langley has left one passed and another in hospital, Postmedia’s Stephanie Ip reports.

According to police, a shooting, that happened only before midnight on Friday, appears targeted. 

“This was a contemptuous sharpened in a bustling grill putting a open during risk,” pronounced IHIT mouthpiece Cpl. Meghan Foster. “We urge anyone with information per this sharpened to hit police.”

There has been no refurbish on a standing of a survivor. Also Brown’s Socialhouse is still closed.

Vancouver male gets $600 sheet for skateboarding

Daniel Dahlberg bought an electronic skateboard. It set him behind a cold $2500. And that was before he found out about a dark costs, like, for instance, profitable a $600 sheet a VPD officer gave him given roving an electronic skateboard on Vancouver roads or sidewalks is opposite a law. Did we know that? I didn’t know that until we talked to Dahlberg yesterday.

Dahlberg had only rolled to a stop during 3rd and Maple in Kitsilano when he was pulled over. (Again: he’s on a skateboard.) The officer told him that, unless his motorized longboard has insurance, that we can’t indeed buy, afterwards it’s a no-go.

Daniel Dahlberg was roving his Boosted Board v2 down a towering in Kitsilano when he was stopped by military and fined $598 for roving a motorized skateboard on a road. 

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“I asked him why,” Dahlberg said. “He pronounced it’s given we had no insurance. So afterwards we asked him, we had no suspicion we indispensable it, how do we get it, and he told me that we wasn’t means to get insurance. So we only kinda stared during him astounded given we didn’t know how to respond to that. It doesn’t unequivocally make a lot of sense.”

Dahlberg will be returning his e-skateboard and contesting his ticket. Also — and this might startle we — he thinks they should change a law.

Housing activists: How come Balmoral residents got housing so quickly?

The Balmoral Hotel tale rages on. Remember yesterday when a city announced that they’d found 131 permanent housing units for a building’s replaced residents? Housing activists are seeking how, exactly, a city managed to do that for Balmoral residents so quickly, though can’t do it for everybody else. From Postmedia’s Nick Eagland:

But homeless advocates consternation how those 131 units became accessible in such a brief time, given that opposite a range — and directly outward a Balmoral — people are sleeping on sidewalks, in alleyways and in tent cities, including many who are on B.C. Housing’s watchful list for bedrooms during a housing rate authorised for gratification recipients.

“It’s a small bit frustrating, when we’ve got so many people vital outside, that these bedrooms were accessible and nobody was changed into them,” pronounced Judy Graves, a longtime disciple for a homeless and target of Vancouver’s Freedom of a City award.

The lesson, we think, is that if we wish a City of Vancouver to hasten to get we housed, try to turn partial of a front-page news story that creates them demeanour bad. 

Overcoming obsession in a wilderness

Nick Eagland has another good story on a Union Gospel Mission’s forest program, Expeditions, that helps organisation overcome addiction.  

“Expeditions has led hundreds of former piece users into a forest given a pregnancy in a open of 2013,” Eagland writes. “Back then, Jason outpost Dyk, a striking engineer during Union Gospel Mission, pitched an proceed to liberation that would take organisation outdoor to bond with nature, any other and a aloft power.”

The organisation do all sorts of outdoorsy stuff, and learn how to work together to accomplish things they didn’t consider they could do.

“There are parallels there to recovery,” outpost Dyk tells Eagland. “When you’re perplexing to stand this large towering and you’re not certain if we can make it, that’s where village comes in.”

Protest marches hit on Granville Street

Finally, my favourite story from Saturday was a difficulty on Granville Street when dual apart criticism marches ran into one another

The Red Umbrella Mar for Sex Work Solidarity and the The Vancouver Mar to Close All Slaughterhouses started in a same place — a Vancouver Art Gallery — and, somehow, wound adult in a same place after on. The dual groups found themselves squaring off in front of London Drugs. It looked like something out of a movie. we approaching to see a dude on horseback perplexing to get his side psyched adult for a arriving conflict.  

Vegans contra sex workman activists. Who ya got? 

“I don’t know if they knew about a march, though we didn’t know about theirs,” pronounced Andy Sorfleet, boss of a Triple-X Workers’ Solidarity Association of B.C., a classification behind a Red Umbrella March.

Equally comical was that they’re most dressed a same. Both groups used red as their primary colour. It done for some difficulty during a commencement of a day, when Red Umbrella Mar organizers saw a large cube of what they suspicion was their organisation withdrawal a VAG a half-hour early, and in a wrong direction.

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