California Today: A Photographer Tracks a Rise of Skateboarding

April 13, 2018 - skateboarding

• Gov. Jerry Brown has affianced that his National Guard will assistance President Trump’s invulnerability of a limit with Mexico, though he has insisted that a infantry will have zero to do with immigration enforcement. Drawing that line might be difficult. [Associated Press]

• There’s been a lot of Facebook news this week. Here’s an overview of a 600 questions that Mark Zuckerberg, a company’s arch executive, answered during his 10 hours of congressional testimony on Tuesday and Wednesday. [The New York Times]

• A offer to split California into three states has gained adequate signatures to validate for a list in November. [CBS Sacramento]

• California reside groups are out to put rent-control measures on state and city ballots this fall. They are aiming to win over homeowners — and landlords. [The New York Times]

• How most does your home make in an hour? The hourly salary that properties in a country’s hottest markets would have “earned” are striking: Six of a tip 10 are in California, with San Jose and San Francisco heading a way. [The New York Times]


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• Would a U.S.-China trade war impact California winemakers? Current Chinese booze expenditure stays low, though a nation is a world’s fastest-growing booze market. [NPR]

• The arch executive of, a sex promotion website recently seized by a sovereign government, pleaded guilty on Thursday to money laundering charges in California. [The New York Times]

• The boss of Cal Poly responded to a snub over photos of a fraternity hermit wearing blackface: While a images were “repulsive,” he said, a tyro substantially would not face exclusion since of a university’s giveaway debate protections. [The Tribune]

• Lewis D’Vorkin, a former editor in arch of The Los Angeles Times, was among several dozen employees laid off by Tronc Inc. on Thursday. [Los Angeles Times]

• The Hollywood Reporter published an review observant that a Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee, 95, was a plant of elder abuse. We visited him during his home. “Nobody has some-more freedom,” he said. [The New York Times]

• Don’t disaster with “chella.” The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival might plan a laid-back image, though a lawyers have taken movement to strengthen opposite others borrowing a copyright suffix. [Los Angeles Times]

• As a state’s demographics have shifted, so have ice cream flavors. What can this tell us about a changing California dream? [CalMatters]

• In memoriam: Mitzi Shore, a longtime talent scout, engagement representative and owners of a Comedy Store in Los Angeles who fostered generations of up-and-coming stand-up comics. She was 87. [The New York Times]


Mitzi Shore in an undated sketch during her Los Angeles club, a Comedy Store, that became a hothouse for immature comic talent.

The Comedy Store

And Finally …


A sketch from 1861 depicting a Pony Express supplement nod Western Union linemen as they fibre wires of a initial transcontinental telegraph.

Associated Press

They affianced to cut smoothness time in half, carrying mail from St. Joseph, Mo., to America’s westernmost city — San Francisco — in 10 days.


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In sequence to finish a scarcely 2,000-mile journey, the Pony Express used 75 horses for each 10 to 15 miles and a uninformed supplement each 75 to 100 miles to span turf as sundry as a Midwestern plains and a Sierra Nevada. The use directed to bond San Francisco, an removed city of about 57,000 during a time, to a rest of a country.

The initial mail tote arrived in San Francisco usually past midnight on Apr 14, 1860, to good fanfare. And a smoothness from a city to St. Joseph arrived a day before: “The city was illuminated, a adults paraded a streets with bands of music, fireworks were set off, speeches were done to suitable a occasion, and a best feeling was manifested by everybody,” review a New York Times news from Missouri.

Though a Pony Express was in operation for usually 18 months, it became an fast picture of a Old West. Commemorative plaques during 601 Montgomery Street in San Francisco symbol a former domicile of a organisation that owned and operated a service.

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