British Skateboarding Expert led Chinese Youths to Victory and Faith

January 9, 2018 - skateboarding

This year, a competition that Americans have prolonged enjoyed is now flourishing in recognition among Chinese Millennials: skateboarding.

In many Chinese cities, Millennials get together on weekends to use and perform “skateboarding dance.”

It has drawn courtesy from an abroad expert, too.

James Tyson was innate and lifted in a United Kingdom. From a immature age, he was ardent about skateboarding. It gave him temperament and purpose in life. 

While Tyson was young, his usually enterprise was to learn how to urge his skateboarding skills.

“I wanted to get better,” he recalled. “Even yet we was in school, we couldn’t combine on a studies. My mind was full of skateboarding. we felt a clarity of leisure and open expression.”

Born into a Christian family, Tyson found skateboarding was some-more gratifying than religion.

“The temptations were around me,” he told CBN News. “I attempted to leave after a while, though a subsequent day, we couldn’t conflict a counterpart pressure. we was partial of a group. We were cold people.”

Although Tyson gifted some challenges, he believed he could use his skateboard to shun his problems. He didn’t realize, however, that he indispensable some-more in his life than only skateboarding – until an collision left him injured.

During his delayed recovery, Tyson began to contemplate a definition of life.

“I suspicion my life was a joke,” he said.

In a midst of his misery, a womanlike crony came to revisit Tyson and common how God had called her to oversees goal work. Tyson was deeply overwhelmed and motionless to quit all his bad habits. He packaged adult his effects and motionless to do a same.

Tyson changed to Nan Ning where he’s now lived for some-more than 13 years. He and his family started a skateboard ministry, and with other Christians, he teaches immature Chinese how to win skateboarding contests. More importantly, they move a Chinese youths to Christ.

“I adore these Chinese youths. They are really talented. we wish to sight them to turn better. And we don’t wish them to repeat a mistakes that we done in life. Only God could yield a loyal freedom,” he said.

Tyson’s’ best friend, Super Chou, came to Christ by a ministry. He now designs skateboards with biblical images.

“After witnessing James’ saintly behavior, we knew God could change me, too,” Chou said. “I supposed Jesus to strengthen me from evil. We need to live with virginity and loyal freedom.”

More people have assimilated Tyson and his team. Most of them are Chinese Millennials. Chou and Tyson are a leaders of their Bible study. Over a years, they have baptized several immature Chinese.

“Skateboarding will be a subsequent hottest diversion among a immature people around a world,” Tyson predicted. “I would like to entice some-more people to join us – my group and we could whet their skills.”

“More importantly, they need to know following God is a coolest thing we can all do in life!” he declared.

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