Atita Verghese: Skateboarding her approach to glory

December 29, 2017 - skateboarding

Atita Verghese

Atita Verghese detected skateboarding by possibility on a opening year between propagandize and college when a crony lent her a skateboard to take for a spin. Even today, skateboarding is not a unequivocally renouned competition in India and during a time, it was a finish novelty. She had a brief, liberating float and it was adequate to remonstrate Verghese that she was onto something special.

Her initial brush with skateboarding
“When we was 19, a crony of mine, who is one of a founders of HolyStoked Collective, a organisation of skateboarders in Bangalore, took me to a Play Arena park—before that we had no thought we had a movement park in Bangalore. we attempted skateboarding a few times and we had to keep going behind for more.” It wasn’t tough for Verghese, who was naturally athletic, to collect adult a sport.

With use and passion came expertise, and it wasn’t prolonged before Verghese was supposed as a member of a HolyStoked Collective. “I started skating with them and after started training classes to impecunious kids in Bangalore. we also did events with them to get some-more people meddlesome in a sport.” The 24-year-old Verghese, along with a collective, helped build some-more movement parks in India in places like Visakhapatnam and Janwaar, Madhya Pradesh.

Starting her possess venture
In 2015, Verghese started her possess venture, Girl Skate India (GSI) in Bangalore, a village of skaters from 9 opposite countries who are popularising a competition in India and enlivening some-more girls to get on board. “Even yet a skateboarding stage was fast growing, there weren’t adequate women in it. And we wanted to have some-more girls to movement with!” They organized movement workshops with kids from a Kovalam Skate Club, an preparation centre in Kerala that uses skateboarding to make drop-outs and vacant kids get behind into school. “We also conducted movement yoga workshops and giveaway skateboarding classes in Bangalore, and built a ramp from blemish in a city during a skating venue called The Cave Skate Park.”

An all girls skating tour
In Dec 2015, Verghese and GSI launched a first-ever all-female skating and ramp building tour. “The debate kicked off in Kovalam, Kerala, where we worked with SISP—an NGO where a Kovalam Skate Club is located—to control a seminar with a girls. It was all documented in a brief film on a website,,” she says.

The self-funded debate took 12 women skateboarders to Kovalam, Bangalore, Goa and Hampi to commission and surprise impecunious girls. “It was utterly a enchanting small entrance together of artistic energy,” says Verghese.

Since a success of a tour, Verghese has been operative to make a common even bigger. “I would unequivocally like to see a space where a girl can demonstrate themselves openly and pursue passions outward grave education.”

Photograph: Kristina Tetley



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