Arrest in burglary of Gus, a skateboarding bulldog

April 17, 2018 - skateboarding

CARMEL, Ind. — Police have arrested a suburban Indianapolis male on burglary charges stemming from a disappearance of a renouned three-year-old skateboarding English bulldog named Gus. Carmel Police pronounced Monday that 22-year-old Reid Albrecht, of Carmel, already was portion a six-month judgment on drug charges when he was arrested on a new charges.

Gus left from his owners’ front yard on Oct. 6. Several witnesses told military they remembered saying Albrecht with a bulldog relating Gus’ description.

Police contend Albrecht told people he adopted a bulldog, yet conjunction a Indianapolis nor a Hamilton County Humane Society had a record of him adopting an animal.


Reid Albrecht, 22, of Carmel, Indiana, arrested for allegedly hidden Gus, a skateboarding English bulldog

Gus’ locale sojourn unknown. The dog’s owners have offering a $4,000 prerogative on a Facebook page that also facilities clips of Gus skateboarding.

Albrecht’s profession declined comment.

“I mean, a final thing we suspicion is that somebody would take a bulldog from a neighborhood,” Christina Kiger, Gus’ owner, told CBS Indianapolis associate WTTV.


Gus a skateboarding bulldog doing his thing

Kiger pronounced Gus wasn’t only a pet, yet partial of their family.

“Not a day goes by still that we don’t speak about him and lots of tears shed, lots of unhappiness in a home,” Kiger said.

Gus always stayed in a yard due to an invisible blockade complement and was never famous to escape, a family said.

“It’s not only a burglary of your TV, or someone entrance in and holding your jewelry. It’s burglary of your family member,” Kiger said.

She adds that a detain didn’t move clarity, and his family is still acid for answers.

“At a finish of this is that we get him back, that we get a answers that we need to where he is and that he’s protected and that we get him home,” Kiger said.

For now though, a Kigers keep Gus’ sweeping unresolved in a yard, his bed on a front porch and a pointer by a highway as signs of hope.

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