Agenda Jan 2018 Product Preview

January 7, 2018 - skateboarding

We strike a building of a Agenda Show currently to see what movement product is dropping after this year. We also ran into some informed faces in a aisles. Our best pretence competition with New Balance Numeric went down currently as well, so stay tuned for an revise from that. We couldn’t make it to see all a friends during each exhibiting booth, so pardon us for any omissions. Scroll on down and get your product fix.

Photos: @blair.alley

A wall of really pointy boots from a friends during New Balance Numeric.

Heyyy! It’s Marquise Henry and PJ Ladd!

More integrity from NB Numeric.

Element had a skatecamp container dialed.

Element x Keith Haring collab!

New Welcome graphics and garms.

Get those H-Street classics.

The Blind bong series.

enjoi can get divided with it.

Blind bringing behind some-more 90s nostalgia.

Ghetto Wear!

Darkstar x Nagel collection.

Dog Town Skates!

Madrid x Stranger Things collab! That red Madrid is a house Mad Max skated in deteriorate two.

State x Magenta.

State’s line lookin’ good and clean.

90s John collection!

John Shanahan and Brian Wenning pity walls during a DC booth.

A lot of answered prayers with this one.

Steve Clare with that new Dickies fire.

“Get a tighten adult of these.”

Need that Dickies jacket.

Converse CONS line lookin’ genuine good. Shout out to John Erickson.

Some of a new Habitat graphics.

Marius’ drink and house collab!

DGK attire always on point.

DGK have a new video entrance out?!

Deathwish feverishness transfers over during a Baker Boys booth.

Smiths lyrics Heroin boards.


’round Coachella time, these Blood Wizard hats are gonna fly off a shelves!

Gregson photobombing his possess board!

You’re gonna wish this new fisheye from Hotshot.

You got a Hotshot Handle yet?

Don’t know what a story is with that category photo–but that’s a humorous graphic. Also, Ke’Chaud pro!?

What adult Willy!

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