2017 Trick of a Year: Behind The Trick

January 24, 2018 - skateboarding

You’ve seen Tiago Lemos’s scarcely unfit Switch Backside Tailside on a outrageous MACBA edge in Barcelona. Now find out accurately how a 2017 Trick of a Year went down.

2017 was a toughest year to judge. Anyone in a tip 5 could have taken it. But when it came down to a final preference a TOTY judges could not consider of anyone else in skateboarding that could SWITCH Backside Tailslide that high of a edge for that long! Skateboarding isn’t always usually about doing a many technically tough pretence or hucking down a biggest set. There’s something to be pronounced about creation a flatground, many or edge pretence demeanour pleasing while still floating people’s minds. That’s something special that usually a few people can do. From being reposted by complicated movement media outlets to all a Pros Legends that corroborated it, Tiago’s Switch Backside Tailslide took skateboarding to another turn and will still be reputable 10 years from now.

Congrats Tiago on holding a 2017 Trick of a Year and a $10,000!

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